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  1. Victory Vision
    So, from the back of my radio to the glove box, there is no wiring. What do I need to get to get my iPod hookup?
  2. Tech Q&A
    Hi I bought a used 2013 XC Tour on Saturday and can’t seem to get any power at all from the built-in iPod connector. The front and rear power sockets work fine, but nothing from the iPod connector. I’ve tried both an iPod and a Coolstream Pro, and neither work with the connector. Power up...
  3. Victory Cross Country
    I picked up my first Victory on Thursday. Hooked up an iPod today and I noticed that under good acceleration it flitzes out and comes back once up to speed. Even heard some crackle from a speaker but on radio no problem. Any ideas? Old iPod, cord going....?
  4. Victory Cross Country
    I have a 2013 CCT, it has a 30 pin ipod connection in left lower. I was told it would work with a 30 pin to usb adapter, I got 1 of those. I was told only use a 32 gig flash drive. My question is I cant get it to play and music off the flash drive. I converted the music to iTunes but that didn't...
  5. Victory Cross Country
    Does anyone know where to get a lightning connector cable for a 2016 Cross country. That's the new I phone connector not the 30 pin
  6. Victory Vision
    I am sure someone has conquered this already. I have a Sena 20s (from previous bikes). The Sena will only be used for phone calls and intercom. I want to connect my android to my Vision for audio and my Sena by Bluetooth. I am very tech savvy but this is eluding me. I have tried a...
1-6 of 6 Results