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  1. Victory Vegas
    I would like to put some front crash bars on my 2005 vegas, but nowhere online has a set that is specific to the 05 model, they all start at 06+. My question is; what are the differences, if there are any, in the frame and dimensions of the model years? Could I theoretically fit highway bars...
  2. Victory Hammer
    Has anyone put the Lindby Multibar HIghway Bar (part #13703) on their Hammer? I just received the bar (3 pieces) and the installed fit seems cheesy to me. Am wondering if I am expecting too muich or if I got a knock-off that is not real Lindby. Anyone have photos of thier install?
  3. Victory Kingpin
    Anyone know what kind of highway bars these are? I'm looking to sell them and would like know what make they are. They came off an '06 Kingpin. Thanks for the help!
  4. Other Victory Models
    Whatever you call them I had a 2003, sold it now getting a 2002. The 2003 I had came with these leather wind blockers, engine guard chaps, etc. Had a pocket on each side. Was great for holding my cell phone or if I was picking up something small that I didn't want in my pocket I could pop it in...
  5. Victory Cross Country
    These are not mine and I don't know who has them or anything about them. I just ran across them and figured someone may be interested since they are a reasonable price. Set of forged bars in Katy for $500. Victory Motorcycle Forged Highway Bars and Pegs
1-5 of 5 Results