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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hey everybody, has any one put floor boards on the Highball before? What kind and why or why not?
  2. Victory General Discussion
    Hi all from Oz, Has anyone purchased the Victory Only 2 inch forward control and installed on a highball or Vegas victory? If you have does the product come with all parts needed and actually move the foot pegs forward 2 inches. Also any pics of yours if done it? Cheers
  3. Victory General Discussion
    Anyone have a clue as to where I can secure replacement Tank Decals for a 2012 Victory Highball? It’s the one picture here. Thanks,
  4. Tech Q&A
    Does anybody know if a 2016 highball rear shock will fit a 2013 highball?
  5. Victory High-Ball
    Recently had the horrible news that a friend was hit by a car "that didn't see him" and poor guy lost half his leg. I used to think LED accent lights on the bike were cheesy but this has make me change opinion and start looking into these. Seems that there are so many of these, I am sure a lot...
  6. Victory High-Ball
    2013 Highball Just returning from a great ride from Ontario, Canada to Atlanta, GA. Sure enough no issues until the final day. Got down to bone dry on the gas and filled up. Immediately after filling up the fuel light comes on and stays on. Then I noticed my turn signals and horn aren't working...
  7. Victory High-Ball
    I have a 2017 highball and everything that I look at online to purchase says fitment is for 2012-2016 highball and will not fit my bike. I previously owned a 2013 highball and to me I feel like they are 99.9% the same as far as assembly and how aftermarket parts would fit. Am I correct in...
  8. Victory General Discussion
    Hey Guys, I just bought my first cruiser, it’s a 2016 Victory Highball with 4,000 miles that I got on auction in Texas. From what I can tell, I got a hell of a deal. Clean title, owned outright. Paid $5,500 + $700 to ship it out to Utah. It should be here on the 24th, but in the mean time...
  9. Tech Q&A
    2014 Victory Highball 6000 miles, once dropped from kickstand with only very minor damage (clutch lever and tail turn signal) Once the engine gets good and hot it shows low oil pressure warning at idle. When I bought it the previous owner said it had always been that way, and thought the idle...
  10. Victory High-Ball
    So after a year of ownership of my 2016 Highball its time for a windshield. I went with a Memphis shades bullet. I got the variant for the honda VTX 1300 - part # MEM7131 with the black trigger kit. After I get some more time I'll roll the bike out and get walk around pictures of everything.
  11. Victory High-Ball
    Does anyone know of a good place to get my pipes put on and a dyno tune with maximus tuner? Anywhere in florida. I know a lot of people recommended Kevin from Southern Motorworx, but he no longer has a shop. I heard he will still do some side jobs, but i haven't gotten a call back.
  12. Victory Hard-Ball
    I have a 2016 High Ball. I was on the actual Victory website and it claimed the 100-106 Engine oil kit was not a match for my bike, even though in the kit, it uses 20w-40 semi synthetic and the Oil filter part number it recommends. Does anyone know why it would say its not a match, but will sell...
  13. Victory General Discussion
    Hi, new to the group and new to victory. I just picked up a 2012 Victory Highball, and my only issue with the bike is how QUIET the pipes are, I'm looking at the Bassani Pro Street Turn-Out pipes due to the look and awesome sound. But will I have to do anything extra? Can I just bolt them on and...
  14. Victory High-Ball
    I've got the DanMoto Highwayman 2-1 Exhaust on my 2013 Highball. I find it surprising that I have not seen any real discussion about this exhaust considering danmoto Sportbike Stuff is great. Does anyone have any experience or data with this exhaust?
  15. Victory High-Ball
    Looking for a little help here. I’ve tried searching for any posts related and haven’t been able to find anything. I have a 2015 High Ball and had exhaust/cams/timing wheel/pcv/tune done to it right away. Starting this spring the bike has been dieing when in gear. When I start it up it runs...
  16. Tech Q&A
    Just wanted to post this so if people searched they could find some measurements and comparisons for the steel frame lowering links.
  17. Victory General Discussion
    Hey all, I'm looking to buy some Tsukayu Strong or Jumbo Strong for my Vic (Vegas ). The problem is I really want to put them on a quick release bracket. cause I'm not a huge fan of saddle bags. But for long trips, they're a godsend. I'm looking for suggestions on tightly fitting quick...
  18. Victory General Discussion
    stupid question, but can anyone tell me for certain if these tires are true white walls (solid white rubber) or painted white walls? Thanks everyone
  19. Victory General Discussion
    Hey all. Im new to the site. Just purchased 2016 High Ball. I got the Bassani Turn out exhaust, but have not had them put on. Financially not ready. I was looking to buy the PC5 for it, and flirting with getting the Auto Tuner dual Channel. What are your thoughts? Do I really need the Auto Tuner...
  20. Victory General Discussion
    Winter is coming and luckily we here in Georgia can ride pretty much year round, providing we can stay warm! I am on a 2013 Highball. Looking for advice/recommendations for any heated gear. From my research so far I am getting a sense that FirstGear liners are the best way to go? Any help is...
1-20 of 58 Results