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  1. West / West Coast Victory Owners
    Asking $12,000 OBO. Limited release 2013 Victory Hard-Ball, 1731cc (106ci) engine with upgrades below. Well maintained with all records/receipts. Title in hand. No test rides without cash. Always garaged with only 5907 original miles. Clear gas only and Victory Oil. Has cruise control for...
  2. Tech Q&A
    Anyone know who still makes and/or carries aftermarket slip-on exhaust for cross bikes? They gotta be black for the HB. I can't find a damn thing out there, all the sources that were around a few years ago have dried up. Any info is appreciated. Thanks, Craig
  3. Tech Q&A
    I bought a fairing from Wide Open Customs for my 2013 Hardball and when i opened the box there were no mounting bolts! I emailed them and they mailed a kit out that same day..which is great..they're very customer oriented as they should be. But when i opened the package they had only sent the...
  4. Victory Hard-Ball
    Thought I'd throw this up here first to see if there's any interest in the HardBall community. I have a set of factory black spokes ready to come off my bike. I really dig the look of the spokes but have wanting to go tubeless since I got the bike. Finally built up a set of factory mags with new...
  5. Victory Cross Roads
    I've been waiting for two years and JTD finally came out with hard lowers for Cross bikes with round tubular bars. Ordered mine as soon as I read about them being available. I got the one with running lights and the lockable storage pockets. JTD is the only company on the planet making...
  6. Victory Cross Roads
    Sold the Hard Ball, so I have two wind screens for sale. One is the stock and the other is a 19" Cee Bailey screen. Let me know if you're interested. http://www.thevog.net/Classifieds/xr-hard-ball-windshields.5077/viewitem
  7. Victory General Discussion
    HELLO!! I am wanting to change the rims on my 2013 hardball to the 21" front rim and rear rim from a 2015 MAGNUM and lower the rear 1". Has anyone made this switch? If so..how'd it go and what did it look like? Thanks!!! Matt Lewis
  8. Tech Q&A
    I am installing a WOC fairing on my HB and was wondering about the best way to wire the stereo. Where can I put an amp , do I need to run power straight from the battery or is there a switched wire I can use. I am also installing a tour pack and would like for those speakers to work as well...
  9. Victory Hard-Ball
    Looking to switch out the mini apes on a 2013 HB. I'm only 5'7" and love to do the long distance thing more. Not looking to put XR bars on. Don't know if beach bars are my thing. What else is out there? Not sounding bitchy, just honest. Thanks people.
  10. Tech Q&A
    I have a 2013 Hardball. only 3,800 miles. Got it new this year. Had the break in service done and belt checked. So far so good. I just put on an adjustable lowing link and lowered the bike around 2 inches. a few weeks ago and have not done a lot of riding. When we put the link on we checked the...
1-10 of 10 Results