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  1. Tech Q&A
    I recently purchased a 2010 Victory Hammer S from someone that goes to the same mechanic as I do. I wasn’t told about the problem, but had to find out about it myself and my mechanic knew about it, tried to help the guy with it, but he’s stumped on it too. When I noticed the issue after riding...
  2. Victory Hammer
    Hey all, I'm new to this forum. So during the fall season of last year, I wasn't riding much and I was going to start my bike just to run it once and a while and realized one day that it wouldn't start. Upon checking under the gas tank, I realized mice made a nest and had chewed the two wires...
  3. Victory Hammer
    Hi everyone, new member to the forums and (hopefully soon) future owner of a Hammer. I have been itching for a muscle cruiser for a couple of years and decided on the Hammer. I will be buying used with a budget of about $8,000 usd max. Of course if I could spend less I would prefer that. So a...
1-3 of 3 Results