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  1. Victory General Discussion
    So...I've had a TomTom for years and been very pleased with it. Went to do an update last week, and their software crashed, and thus took out my GPS unit, corrupted the core files, won't boot, blah, blah, blah. Basically, it's now a brick. Even though I like the interface, I'm now thinking...
  2. Other Topics
    I discovered today that my Garmin Polaris Zumo 660 displayed an incorrect sunset time. This is a feature I like and it's important to me. After doing some online research, it appears there is an issue with some older devices displaying incorrect day, date and time. Basically, they reset to the...
  3. Victory Cross Country
    The plug for my GPS doesn't want to stay in the fairing power outlet. Keeps vibrating out going down the road. Any recommendations on a different brand that will work? Something that allows it to plug in deeper?
  4. Victory Octane
    I need it for GPS audio direction for the time being until they release Sena 30k. I was thinking about bluetooth ear buds as a cheaper alternative, but it seems dangerous with noise cancellations. Any setup tips or pictures would be nice. Thanks
  5. Victory Cross Country
    There used to be a thread on here that a guy did where he wired in a Bluetooth unit into the GPS factory wiring and I had it bookmarked, but it seems to have been taken down. Has anyone else done this or do you know of another thread showing this? I don't want to plug a bluetooth dongle into...
  6. Victory Vision
    Looking for the plug and play cable to mate 09 Vision with Garmin Street Pilot 2720. Anybody toss theirs n their tool box when their GPS went belly up?
  7. Victory General Discussion
    I noticed that Revzilla and others have the Garmin Zumos on sale now; $200 off the normal price. If you have been wanting one of these, but the price made you pause, this might be a good time.
  8. General Discussion
    I'm thinking about getting a real deal motorcycle GPS. I've been looking at both the TomTom Rider(mainly the 400) and the Garmin ZUMO 500s. I like the option of running it in portrait or landscape, which both do. I like the extra info the Garmin give you. I like the lifetime maps. I also like...
  9. Victory Cross Country
    so my 2011 XC came with the 30 pin iPod connector cable in the saddlebag, and I've been enjoying using the iPod with it. But I just bought a Garmin GPS with music player, so wanted a quick cheap way of streaming both music and "turn left, turn right" from the Garmin. Got one of these for £15...
  10. Tech Q&A
    just got myself a Garmin 395 It comes with a bike specific cradle to fit on a RAM mount. That then has a wiring loom, terminating in 2 little contacts in the cradle (2 dots in the bottom of the shot...) Do you guys think it's best to wire this permanently into the wiring in the fairing...
  11. Other Topics
    I never thought I would have a reason to get a smart watch until I got to thinking about it as my GPS while riding. I don't have a touring bike and didn't want a large GPS or GPS holder on my handle bars all of the time. So that lead me to the Moto 360 smart watch. I have it paired with my...
  12. Victory Cross Country
    I hooked up a garmin 660 this weekend and have an issue with the volume. The volume on the Garmin is set to 100%. My speakers are powered through an amp so I'm only listening to music at a volume of 8-10 and when the garmin voice comes on, I can't hear it. Any ideas on how to increase the...
  13. New Member Introductions
    Hi Guys, I am a 2016 Indian Roadmaster owner. I have been making GPS Harness Adapter Cables for the Garmin Zumo to interface with the motorcycle's sound system. These cables work great and utilize the cradle/harness that comes with the Zumo. No need to purchase a new cradle just to connect it...
  14. Victory Vision
    I'm all excited today. I bought the new TomTom that is made for bikes and installed it in about an hour. The Rider version 5 can be obtained for about $300 on line and installs very easily. When I opened the box the huge assortment of bits and pieces was a bit confusing until I realized that one...
1-14 of 14 Results