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  1. Tech Q&A
    Greetings, (As reference) As part of the SPRING MAINT this year, FORK OIL and FUEL FILTERS will be replaced. I am curious as to why the XCT/XR fuel filters are folded and why (in the video) he cut his to 'size'? The question is: Why not leave the fuel filter unfolded in the tank? Possible...
  2. Victory Vision
    On the Maintenance shedule of my 2009 VV you can see the change of the fuel filter at 50.000miles. There are also instructions on how to change it, although I'm not able to find the parts number anywhere. Any hints?
  3. Victory General Discussion
    07 Vegas 100 freedom, 5 speed. Im getting her tuned in about 5 days. So far Ive: -Replaced TB adapter -cleaned/recharged air filter -changed plugs (ngk) and wires (taylors recommended by Half Crazy) -Cleaned TB thoroughly -Re-finish pipes with ceramic, installed new gaskets Intend to: -check...
1-3 of 3 Results