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  1. Victory Cross Country
    I am considering selling or trading in my 2016 XCT that had the stage 2 done by Kyle Crandall and Lloyd Greer. Lloyd did the dyno and tune himself. The bike has almost 6500 miles on it. I have the pictures of the guys with the bike and Lloyd tuning it mounted in a frame with the dyno sheet...
  2. Victory Magnum
    I crashed my 2015 plasma green X1. Hit a car in the front. Forks possibly slightly bent and just a few tiny blemishes to the front fairing and tight case, just paint. Problem is that it’s on a cat B so frame has to be certified undamaged before it goes back on the road. This bike was a beast...
  3. Victory Vision
    Anyone got a used Penske shock for an 08 Victory vision laying around?
  4. Victory General Discussion
    I am in the market to buy a 3rdgear Customs Intake '08 & up. Installing on a 2013 Highball. Even willing to look at used ones just in case someone wants a good excuse to go to Torque Tubes. Figure I would try here before i get ahold of Alan. Thank you all
  5. Victory General Discussion
    Hi, Does anyone know where I may be able to find the Victory Solo Mission Seat - Red for sale? Or am I pretty much out of luck with that? Thanks!
1-5 of 5 Results