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  1. Victory Cross Country
    Back in 2013-at least through 2015 Arlen Ness made passenger floorboards that match the retro driver floorboards i have on my bike. Looking for leads on finding a set of the matching passenger floorboards. They stopped making them several years ago.
  2. Victory Cross Country
    Hello all, I recently purchased a 2013 XC. It was used as a police cruiser and now I have it. Since cops dont ride with anyone it does not have passanger floorboards. I have the left side and I am in need of the right. Any suggestions?
  3. Victory Vegas
    Wanting to put some floorboards on my Vegas. Looking for recommendations. How much messing around with the controls does this require ?
  4. Victory Cross Country
    Looking for Black kinetic floorboards, possible Chrome if the rubber comes out so i can get them powder coated. If you have some your not using, i would be very interested in purchasing them. Just message me on here or email my personal email [email protected] Or if anyone knows where i can...
  5. Victory Kingpin
    Greetings everyone! Is anyone selling any OEM floorboards? I just purchased an 09 Kingpin that the owner put pegs on. Not sure if I will need to put a different shifter or rear brake pedal on to accomodate the boards so if they come with everything I will need that would be best. Also in search...
  6. Victory Octane
    I am looking for recommendations on floor boards. Have the extended reach controls, so I can't run the factory crash bars, though I'd like to have them. Wondering if there are any floorboards that could mount in the extended reach control and give enough clearance for the crash bars? I could...
1-6 of 6 Results