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  1. Victory Cross Country
    I have a 2012 Victory Cross Country Tour that I'm currently riding. I was riding this morning and hit a pretty good bump. ( thanks City of Corpus Christi) After I heard and felt my back tire rubbing. I pulled over removed my seat and found the tire to be rubbing on my seat tab that goes into the...
  2. Tech Q&A
    Hey everybody, been looking on the marketplace and elsewhere, but can’t seem to find a decent black front fender for a cross bike. Anybody have one they are willing to part with? I want to swap out my vision fender for the much better looking cross fender. Cross Country, CCT or Cross Roads...
  3. Victory Octane
    I must have picked something up with my rear tire at some point. What would you guys recommend I use to sand it down and finish it? Thanks.
  4. Victory Vision
    If you haven't had the front fender recall done, do it! Until then, take the fenders off and REALLY inspect it! I only got my bike in March, I wiggled mine and looked at it closely and decided it was fine, I contacted the local dealer to get the recall done though. I was waiting for the parts...
  5. Victory Cross Country
    To fender or not to fender? Picked my bike up today from the dealer. New fender in box to be painted old fener wrapped and in hands to take home. Problem, i think it looks awesome with out the fender. Comments pics your 0.02 appreciated
1-5 of 5 Results