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  1. Victory Kingpin
    hey guys. I have a 2005 kingpin anniversary edition. My bike recently started having this loud noise from the engine that starts shortly after starting to ride, and stops once I shut the engine off. It sounds like a rotary motor and is coming from above the engine area... any thoughts as to...
  2. Victory Cross Country
    I started noticing an almost rattling kind of noise coming out the right side exhaust (if you are looking at the rear of the bike) the other day, but only does in when I'm in gear going down the road. First noticed it in 2nd and up but now noticing it in 1st and up. Any ideas of what it may be...
  3. Tech Q&A
    Does anyone recognize or have some ideas as to what this knocking sound is? During initial startup I get the usual tensioner knock but it goes away after bout 30 sec. Then this knock reappears after about a minute of running. In the video it reappears at about 26sec in and pretty much...
  4. Victory Octane
    I've had my Octane for a few weeks and around 650 miles. From day one when the engine is hot, there has been a loud noise that sounds like either the air filter or fuel pump. I didn't notice it when I test rode the bike, but five miles isn't really enough to get the engine really hot. I took...
  5. Tech Q&A
    As the title states... is this normal? If not, any ideas of what is wrong? Tried several times to upload a video but guess I'm not tech savy enough. If interested, I uploaded the video to YouTube. Title is; Victory Cross Country top end noise. Any ideas?
  6. Tech Q&A
    Check out this sound coming from the bottom side of my motor. It does this at idle, clutch in or out and while riding in gear. Goes away under moderate to heavy accel and any decel. Anyone have experience with this?
1-6 of 6 Results