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  1. Victory Cross Country
    The screws in my head have always been loose. OK, so now that I have the new brake pedal on my new to me CCT, have the foot controls moved forward, pedals adjusted, shift linkage replaced, it's about time to take her on a shakedown cruise. So I start the cruise control diagnostic courtesy of...
  2. Victory Cross Country
    Noob here! Been riding for over 30 years, but just picked up a 2014 CC 8-Ball. It does not have cruise control. I will NEED cruise control. Tell me what I need to know. Who has a factory kit for sale that I can install? This bike did not come with a radio from the factory either, just the...
  3. Victory Vision
    I’m looking to install a load equalizer on my 2012 Vision to hopefully restore my cruise control after switching to LED tail lights. Problem is, the instructions are horrible. Does anyone have a good photo of exactly where the Flasher Module/Relay location is? Thank you in advance!
  4. Tech Q&A
    Hello, my cruise control on my 2016 CCT will not engage, It will light up when I turn on but not set a speed, Also Heated grips are not working. are both of these connected to a fuse and if so where is it?
  5. Victory General Discussion
    Hello All, Just upgraded from my learning bikes to a new 2016 Cross Country in White. I love the bike especially the handling (feels like a smaller bike) and power. :D (upgraded from 900cc) My question is whether or not the stock Victory Cruise Control kit will work. I've been reading a...
  6. Tech Q&A
    Background: Rebuilt bike. In the process I installed a tail light flasher by Signal Dynamics. Cruise control light on instrument panel flashes quickly but does not stay on when I try to turn on. I took to the dealer for something else and in the process they said cruise control module is bad...
1-6 of 6 Results