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  1. Victory Cross Roads
    Does anyone know if I have to remove the chin spoiler AND the two side pieces in this image to get access to the voltage regulator/rectifier on a 12 XR?
  2. Victory General Discussion
    ok everyone i have a dumb question what is the difference between the XC and the XR. is it basically the same bike or what is the big differences between them. does one hold a better value then the other. i am asking as i seen a owners manual with both titles on it . what are the pros and cons...
  3. Tech Q&A
    Hey everybody, been looking on the marketplace and elsewhere, but can’t seem to find a decent black front fender for a cross bike. Anybody have one they are willing to part with? I want to swap out my vision fender for the much better looking cross fender. Cross Country, CCT or Cross Roads...
  4. New Member Introductions
    Hi VOGgers - wanted to post my bike and see if anyone has seen it previously. I got it from MOM in Foxboro, MA. Distinctive is the wheels, seat back/luggage rack and highway bar shields. It is in AMAZING condition - previous owner(s) loved it.
  5. Victory Cross Country
    These are not mine and I don't know who has them or anything about them. I just ran across them and figured someone may be interested since they are a reasonable price. Set of forged bars in Katy for $500. Victory Motorcycle Forged Highway Bars and Pegs
  6. Victory Cross Roads
    I've been waiting for two years and JTD finally came out with hard lowers for Cross bikes with round tubular bars. Ordered mine as soon as I read about them being available. I got the one with running lights and the lockable storage pockets. JTD is the only company on the planet making...
  7. Victory Cross Country
    Just got a used 2010 cross roads and trying to find out some more info on the bike. The only place I found any info on the bike in on Arlen Ness web site ,2010 Victory Cross Roads | Arlen Ness Motorcycles, and just wondering if this was a production model. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Victory Cross Roads
    Sold the Hard Ball, so I have two wind screens for sale. One is the stock and the other is a 19" Cee Bailey screen. Let me know if you're interested. http://www.thevog.net/Classifieds/xr-hard-ball-windshields.5077/viewitem
  9. Victory Cross Country
    Hey fellow XC guys, I am looking to buy take off or damaged parts from Cross Country's and Cross Road bikes. I am looking for saddle bag hinges, cheese wedges, rear fender, 21" front wheel and fender, side covers, chin spoilers (all parts) lowers, forged bars, and a few other miscellaneous...
  10. Tech Q&A
    Is anyone doing ECU Flash on the XR XC bikes? I see everyone is using a tuner PCV but with todays technology in flashing ecu being able to advance timing, change rev limiter, AFR and even add fuel or ignition kill for air shifter. Is the ECU Flash on XR XC being completed is there a real need...
  11. Tech Q&A
    I found an issue with my TS/Horn fuse:banghead:. I believe it is the horn. The first time it blew I believe i tried to use the horn 2nd time it blew. I used the horn and then it died. Did the same thing third time it blew. & I believe I inadvertently hit it when it blew the 4th time:banghead...
  12. Victory Cross Roads
    Hello I recently purchased a victory cross roads 2011. Today the bike decided to start shifting very hard as I was driving from work. Going from first to second it will stay in neutral and not engage second and downshifting forces me to press very hard on the shifter to engage a lower gear. I've...
  13. Victory Cross Roads
    Hi All, I have a 2012 XR Limited with the spoked wheels. I am out on a 2 week trip. Before I left I checked the PSI in both tires, and notice a slight cupping on the rear which I read on multiple forums is normal with the Dunlop Elite 3's. With about 8500 miles on the original tires, the rear...
1-13 of 13 Results