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  1. Motorcycle Accessories
    I have a set of never installed black saddle bag bars that I purchased for a 2016 Victory Cross Country. The bars are still wrapped in bubble wrap, and I believe all of the hardware is included. cost $200.00 plus shipping.
    $200 USD
  2. Motorcycle Accessories
    I have a set of saddle bag bars (black) that I did not get around to installing my then 2016 Cross Country. The price is $200.00 plus shipping. Stock photo of the item as the bars are still wrapped in bubble wrap.
    $200 USD
  3. Motorcycle Accessories
    REDUCED! Only $60 shipped. For sale is a Dark smoke 8.25” V-Stream windshield for a Cross Country/Tour. VGC with a couple of tiny scratches on the backside around the lower mounting holes. The front of the shield is blemish free. $60 Price includes shipping in the lower 48.
    $60 USD
  4. Tech Q&A
    Does anyone have documentation or a video showing where the brake relay is and how to replace it? My ABS light is constantly on. I’ve replaced both sensors and fuses. Everything is adjusted to spec. Finally got brake relay delivered and would like to replace it. Need to know how to do so. I...
  5. Victory General Discussion
    Hi guys. I am listing my husbands 2012 Cross Country. I am trying to figure out if it is a XC or XCT. He didn’t ride it barely and he committed suicide almost 2 years ago and I need to sale it. I know it was either 20k or around it. I don’t see anything in the VIN that would help me. Any...
  6. Victory Cross Country
    Hello all. I hope everyone is well. I’m a newbie to the forum and I have a question. I have the opportunity to buy a 2010 cross-country with 19,000 km( yes in Canada) I know about the whiny transmissions but I was wondering if it was still as solid as the 2011 and 12’s…etc. Any help would be...
  7. Tech Q&A
    I installed a Barnett clutch kit, pressure plate, heavy duty spring, and Lloydz primary support plate on my 2012 CCT. I soaked the friction plates 24hrs and installed everything per the service manuals instructions. My issue is that the clutch does not disengage when the clutch cable is adjusted...
  8. Victory Cross Country
    I pulled the rear wheel off yesterday to change the tire (well overdue). I decided to change the brake pads as well since the tire was off. The little spring popped out of the caliper and I didn't think anything of it until the wheel was back on and I was trying to install the spring and pads...
  9. Tech Q&A
    Anyone know who still makes and/or carries aftermarket slip-on exhaust for cross bikes? They gotta be black for the HB. I can't find a damn thing out there, all the sources that were around a few years ago have dried up. Any info is appreciated. Thanks, Craig
  10. Victory Cross Country
    Any help or ideas would be great. I'm looking for a new exhaust (the bike in my profile is the bike I have) right now i just have the mufflers removed and 90's welded to the tip of the headers pointing down. I like the sound and look of 2 into 1. not having much luck finding any I tired Trask...
  11. Victory Cross Country
    Noob here! Been riding for over 30 years, but just picked up a 2014 CC 8-Ball. It does not have cruise control. I will NEED cruise control. Tell me what I need to know. Who has a factory kit for sale that I can install? This bike did not come with a radio from the factory either, just the...
  12. Victory Cross Country
    Hey Guys! So I wrecked my bike this fall, laid it down trying to avoid a car that pulled in front of me. I'm trying to find some parts and I cannot find some to save my life. I'm wondering if anyone has anything that I'm looking for or any sort of leads on where to find some. Also some opinions...
  13. Tech Q&A
    I am chasing a high beam with my XC. When I switch on the high beam, the light does not come on and the indicator in the dash does not illuminate either. I have tested the switch, the bulb and the relay. Does anybody have a diagram of headlight circuit or know if there is another...
  14. Videography
    Most of us carry around an expensive clutch cable repair kit, I do too. I can't believe what they charge for a simple piece of cable and a couple of cable stops. Others have said to go to the stores and buy some cable and cable stops but they don't say how long and they don't mention that one of...
  15. Tech Q&A
    I know when it comes to the 106 engine on touring models, a quality slip on over the factory head pipe is the way to go, besides a true dual like freedom etc, so I have been told by quite a few. Likely why there are less than a handful 2 to 1 and true dual options. I recently started thinking...
  16. Victory Cross Country
    Looking for a set of passenger grab Rails for my recently acquired XC. Anyone have a set they're willing to part with? Want them for tie downs, as well as for the rare occasion the wife rides with me ( has her own bike) or my son does. Seems some of the smaller parts are getting trickier to find.
  17. Victory Cross Country
    So I'm going to meet my wife to take her on her first ride. Just bought the bike a week ago. First time bike owner. It is a 2013 cross country with 18k miles. So I'm about 5 miles from my house and she starts to spudder out. Giving it throttle and finally stops about 200 yards later. Engine shut...
  18. Victory Cross Country
    So I was out at STURGIS last year riding in the Black Hills and my trans, fuel, speedo, odo, gauges stopped working in the middle of the ride. Pulled over with my buddies, checked all the wires, took the headlight out and checked internal wiring, seemingly all good. Put ‘er back together, shut...
  19. Victory Cross Country
    What would be the cause of my dashboard, turn signals, horn, cruise, & radio not working? The bike runs. Headlight & brakelight works. All relays and fuses have been replaced. All connections have been checked.
  20. Tech Q&A
    Ok, so I bought a cheaper battery not an original. The one I got was the wrong polarity and I didn't catch till I hooked up the positive lead. Actually touched was enough. Anyway, seeing the issue I got the right battery. The result of the reverse connection blew almost every fuse. After finding...
1-20 of 97 Results