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  1. Tech Q&A
    I know when it comes to the 106 engine on touring models, a quality slip on over the factory head pipe is the way to go, besides a true dual like freedom etc, so I have been told by quite a few. Likely why there are less than a handful 2 to 1 and true dual options. I recently started thinking...
  2. Victory Cross Country
    Previous owner punched out the catalytic converters on my '12 Hardball. Getting ready for cams and PCV and want to go back to stock w/cats headers. Anyone have XC headers with cats to sell or trade for a set without?
  3. Tech Q&A
    I have a 2016 Cross Country and was curious as to why the cross over exhaust tube has 'screen' in the tube where it ends before going into the muffler. I had taken it apart to put floor boards on for the passenger, and noticed the screen. will taking this 'screen' out adversely affect my bike?
1-3 of 3 Results