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  1. Other Victory Models
    i am looking for a driver backrest for the two seat version of v92c 2001 model. suggestions? have something for sale? thanks
  2. Victory Ness
    Okay, getting a new seat for my husband Jackpot Ness and we called arlen and victory and they said the Ness fender and the Vegas jackpot are the same. We were looking at the Corbin website and they say none of their seats fit the Ness series. How can this be? Corbin claims the Ness fender is...
  3. Victory General Discussion
    Hi All, Just looking into some seats for my HighBall. I've come across BMC Corbin seats. In particular - "The Wall" seat. It can be seen here: BMC / CORBIN I've been talking with them, and they can and will make this seat for the Highball. Anybody have any insight on these seats on any...
  4. Tech Q&A
    So I'm thinking about buying a new seat for my 13 and putting its seat on my 08. The 08 seat I believe is a low and it doesn't have a backrest. While I realize I can add a backrest to it too it is just not exactly what I want. That's why I have been throwing around the idea of getting either the...
  5. Victory General Discussion
    So maybe I am just bad at internet, or maybe this information isn't assembled anywhere. At any rate I've dug around long enough and come up with nothing so I'm asking you, the brain trust. My 07 Vegas 8-ball has a seat on it that looks like it is ostrich leather. I am assuming it's from a...
  6. Victory Magnum
    Well this install took way longer than it should have. During the JTD Lower install i discovered the dealership had incorrectly installed the forged bars and stripped out the 3 bolts holding it on. So the threads were replaced to my satisfaction and i was able to finish up the install this week...
  7. Victory High-Ball
    I tried to post in the marketplace, but it won't let me bc of fascism. selling my cobin dual tour. $400 obo, came off my 12' vegas, but fits highball pm me Corbin Victory Vegas Seat
  8. Victory Vegas
    I tried to post in the marketplace, but it won't let me bc of fascism. selling my cobin dual tour. $400 obo Murica Corbin Victory Vegas Seat
1-8 of 8 Results