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  1. Victory General Discussion
    I’m interested in lighting my Jackpot up for night rides. Anyone have LED accent lighting hooked up? What are your thoughts? What placement looks best? (Rear wheel well & engine compartment?) Also, has anyone installed that light up cheese wedge that looks like it’s got stars in it? Would...
  2. Victory Vegas
    07 Vegas 8ball. Bought it used. Never came with the right side cheese wedge. Doesn't even have the mounting bracket. Did some bike come WITHIOUT the cheese wedge on the right? Doesn't seem right, as the oil lines and TB are in sight. I'd like the right to match the left if possible.
  3. Victory General Discussion
    On a recent VOG thread, a few of us wandered way off topic and started discussing fuel tank badges - stock vs custom vs none at all. I googled and a synopsis follows: 1. www.emblemart.com/ : Design your own uniquely personal tank badges and/or cheese wedges. Anything you can imagine, these...
  4. Victory General Discussion
    Barracuda Customs recently responded to me stating they no longer make custom badges. I'm hearing this may be due to them going out of business... (sucks) So any tips on where might I get a custom image engraved on a gloss black cheese wedge badge or maybe just a couple blank gloss black...
  5. Victory General Discussion
    Got the Kuryakyn Bahn Tuxedo set added to J-Lo today. Really good quality machined pieces (unlike the thin tin covers from the factory). Also added Lloydz timing wheel while I was at it. Overall a fairly easy job. Took my time, followed written instructions and watched the Paul Pomerleau...
  6. Victory Cross Roads
    I just picked up replacement Cheese Wedges for my 2011 Cross Roads. The dimples were drilled out and LEDs installed. The kit didn't have any instructions on where to run the connector wiring from the battery to the connectors for the wedges. I can't find any diagrams on how the wiring Harness...
1-6 of 6 Results