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  1. Motorcycle Parts
    throttle clutch and brake cables by Barnett Wiring by Namz Shipping worldwide ask for postage quote
    $250 USD
  2. Victory Vegas
    Hey everyone! new the forums here. I tried searching through the posts here already but was unable to find a conclusive answer. I guess my question is a multi-part question. 1. Has anyone put these bars on their Vegas? 2. If so, did you have to get new cables as well for it to fit? 3. would...
  3. Victory Jackpot
    I know this is a very rookie question, but I've been browsing the forum and I'm getting confused. Been riding since 2011, but have never customized anything. I have a 14 Jackpot that I'm wanting to throw some apes on. I've decided on the FMB 16" Mercenary apes, can someone please recommend to...
  4. Victory Gunner
    I got my hands on a pair of the highball apes for fairly cheap.. so my question is, what size cables am I going to need? Never did apes before. Also, could anybody recommend where to get the cables? Thank you
  5. Tech Q&A
    What the heck is special grease 2203685? When searching through the lube threads, I've seen lots of oil threads. I've only seen this grease and Moly Assembly Paste PN 2871460 mentioned in one thread. I can't seem to find it to buy it, so there must be an equivalent. I have a 2013 Hammer...
1-5 of 5 Results