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  1. Victory High-Ball
    So after a year of ownership of my 2016 Highball its time for a windshield. I went with a Memphis shades bullet. I got the variant for the honda VTX 1300 - part # MEM7131 with the black trigger kit. After I get some more time I'll roll the bike out and get walk around pictures of everything.
  2. Victory General Discussion
    So, this is my bike. I want a windscreen for it, I'm torn between a bullet fairing and a batwing fairing with a short windshield. I want it quick detachable so I can remove it for bombing around the city and short trips. I'm curious of who has what? Can you get them in both in quick...
  3. Victory Vegas
    Looking to swap out my 7" round chrome headlight on my 08 Vegas for a black bullet style one. Anyone know where one can be bought?
1-3 of 3 Results