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  1. Victory Cross Country
    I am installing a Soundstream amp under my front fairing. Does anybody have recommendations for a bracket to hold the amp in place and, more importantly, where should I connect the 2 ground wires coming from the amp?
  2. Victory Vegas
    I just bought my Vegas 8-Ball. I bought it outside of the Province and it required an out of province inspection. It then promptly failed the out of province inspection. I needed larger mirrors which I borrowed from a friend, that was easy to fix. The difficult part would be that the entire...
  3. Victory Vegas
    Hey guys new to the forum here...just bought a 2013 Vegas 8ball and am looking for the passenger peg mounts.I did a search on the forum but came up with no results so I apologize if this has been addressed already. All I can seem to find are the ones made by victory for $300 that come with pegs...
1-3 of 3 Results