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  1. Victory Boardwalk
    Hey All, I'm wanting a better suspension setup as I'm a tall, heavy guy. There are some progressive 465's available locally but I'd like to make sure they will be enough of a difference and get advice on best setup configuration. Cheers, CFB
  2. Victory Boardwalk
    ..and July is still a couple of months and change away! :) Been reading up on the quirks and nuances of the Boardwalk for a couple of months now, decided to see what was in the area (via CycleTrader) and found one an hour from me, with about 4600 miles on it. Starting to get an idea of the...
  3. Victory Boardwalk
    i know that this has been talked about before, and I hope that my endulging the community doesn't cause offense. I am a new rider. I completed my MSA course and want to get a bike. I have a line on a new (2013) boardwalk. Love this bike it is a dream. I know it is a lot of bike. I am big. Like...
1-3 of 3 Results