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  1. Victory Octane
    After a 70 mile run out, I washed the bike as it was covered in crud and then put it away in the garage on an oximiser trickle charge. 2 week later I went to start it but although there was power to the headlight and speedo, (later checked with a meter) when I pushed the start button there was...
  2. Tech Q&A
    I installed a new lithium battery last night in my '13 XCT and like an idiot reversed the battery connections. I've replaced 5 fuses and everything appears to be working except the turn signals and emergency flashers, they stay on solid. Any ideas what else to check?
  3. Victory Vision
    My 2013 Vision has started to have a problem when it is cold. After the bike warms up it goes away. I can do down the road in 4th and a good cruising city traffic speed and the bike will hiccup, cough, stutter, miss or whatever one wants to call it, It started after I got a new tank of gas, so...
  4. Victory General Discussion
    New have another issue. With this 2006 Kingpin Deluxe This bike has been stored for a year and the battery was new when we stored it. We cannot jump it into starting. Is there something i should be doing differently maybe the chokeor any secret you might know
  5. Victory General Discussion
    Hi all from Australia, I have had great service out of the original Yuasa battery, but I am looking at the Ultrabatt which is a lithium ion battery which is supposed to get 8-10 years. Anyone tried one? good stories or bad please. Thanks, Roo
  6. Off Topic Lounge
    Today while doing things outside the house I decided to check my boat. I found none of my electronics were working and when I opened the battery door this is what I found. Once I got them out I found both were cracked down the side. All the fuses to the charger popped so hopefully it and...
  7. Victory Vegas
    Ive got an 07 Vegas with what i believe is the original battery. Over this past Michigan winter, while the battery tender was on it, i noticed come battery acid on the posts. Checked for voltage at a rest and i gives me 12.6 volts so i feel like its fine, but i worry alot and im leaning towards...
  8. Victory Cross Country
    2012 XCT. Still has original battery. 37,000 miles. When not being ridden, it is always on a tender. Even in the summer. Plugged my charger on it and it read 12.8 volts. Yet when I rode this weekend for a few miles, I was getting a surging or pulsating idle. I've been told this is a sign...
  9. Victory Gunner
    Has anyone added speakers w/ amp, PCV, LED lighting (headlight & turns) w/ load equalizer? If so, where did you hide all the boxes? And how is it working for you? How taxing is all that to the stator and battery?
  10. Victory General Discussion
    Hey guys, I had to let my vegas sit for a year and 1/2. After 3 months I tried to start it up, but no luck. Dead battery. I purchased a battery, put it on and connected it to a YUASA trickle charger. After a year I put the bike in the shop and got it all nice and ready. So the day I picked it...
1-10 of 10 Results