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  1. Victory General Discussion
    I make beautiful sissy bar passenger backrests for Victory motorcycles. The bars are handsomely good-looking so I want to share with you all. See more pictures on my website www.mcustomcycles.com Sissy bar passenger backrest for Cross Country, Victory Magnum, Victory Cross Roads, Victory...
  2. Other Victory Models
    i am looking for a driver backrest for the two seat version of v92c 2001 model. suggestions? have something for sale? thanks
  3. Victory Vision
    My old lady thinks Im trying to dump her at every green light. I try to explain its not me... Its Lucille! [they are apparently very jealous of each other] Anyways.. anyone have suggestions for a backrest/sissy bar option for an 09 VV? short of as full tour pack? Thanks all!
  4. Victory Cross Country
    Selling local, unless you really want it shipped to you....depending on where you are in the country, depends on how much shipping will be. Having a problem posting to the marketplace, so I will post it up here. Used-Perfect condition lock and ride backrest, nothing wrong it, just upgraded to...
  5. Victory Cross Country
    Having a problem posting to the marketplace, so I will post it up here. Used-Perfect condition lock and ride backrest, nothing wrong it, just upgraded to a trunk. $250.00 obo plus shipping if need. Possibly delivery if close. Located in So Cal. Contact me on here or my email...
  6. Victory Gunner
    Hey guys, I'm looking at buying a BDD custom luggage rack/backrest for the passenger seat. I've got a 2016 gunner. What are your experiences with the product is the rack able to hold alot of weight and not wobble all over the place ? I've got bags on my bike but they aren't quick release. I...
  7. Victory General Discussion
    I'm doing a long haul in July, have a Saddlemen 3500 bag for the ride but it doesn't fit on my custom sissy bar all that well. I don't want to shell out another $300 or so for a system that I will only use once a year. Anyone have something that will work with this bag? Zero concern on looks...
  8. Victory Octane
    purchased my octane last week, had no idea parts were going to be this hard to find.
  9. Victory Octane
    Hey guys, judging by the marketplace activity not really anyone goes there. I posted up my OEM passenger backrest ($200) and OEM passenger seat ($65). In new condition, never used. Wife is preggo so she won't be riding pillion. At least, not on this bike. Maybe on a bigger tourer. Let me know...
  10. Victory Cross Country
    Hey all, So about 5-6 months ago I bought a 2017 Cross Country Tour with a lock and ride driver seat backrest. Love the bike, dare I say even more then my jackpot?The shop only had the backrest in stock but not the mount so they ordered it from Victory. And the waiting game began. Every week...
  11. Victory Vegas
    Do any of ya all have this back rest? If so, is it comfy and does it do it's job pretty good? Also, the Arlen Ness Shooter slip on pipes, are they as good as what this youtube video shows/sounds? Getting my new Victory soon, can't wait!
  12. Tech Q&A
    So I'm thinking about buying a new seat for my 13 and putting its seat on my 08. The 08 seat I believe is a low and it doesn't have a backrest. While I realize I can add a backrest to it too it is just not exactly what I want. That's why I have been throwing around the idea of getting either the...
  13. Victory High-Ball
    Hi folks, I'm in the process of purchasing a 2015 Highball. I have the passenger seat mounted, but I'm in need of a way to carry a significant amount of luggage plus a passenger. I'm looking at WitchDoctor's options of the 30" sissy bar, but they don't offer the option with a passenger back...
  14. Victory Kingpin
    Hello, I'm a new Victory owner (Previous shadow 750, so have def moved up) and new to the forum. I just purchased an 08 KP 8Ball and have been querying left and right for the right setup for me. Was wondering if there is any way to have a quick release hard-bag setup as well as a luggage rack...
  15. Victory General Discussion
    will only victory backrests work on the cross country? My buddy has a Harley backrest he said I could have.
  16. Victory Cross Roads
    These just came out, and I had to wait to get one. It's really comfortable, very adjustable, and is the first I have found that lets me lay it forward when I am getting on and off the bike, as my hip arthritis won't allow my leg to clear anything that doesn't fold. Price is a low $143. Show...
  17. Victory Cross Roads
    Now that I've finally pulled the trigger and got my 2015 XCT I'd like to get some advice/ recommendations or some accessories. I'm planning on a 1500 to 2000 mile trip in October to Barbers in Alabama so here goes. Killing the "Monkey Butt" from my stock seat. A friend has an Airhawk on his...
  18. Victory Cross Roads
    Please delete
  19. Victory Vision
    Last year I bought a passenger backrest for my Vision, but never installed it and ended up selling it to someone else. However.....I have decided to remove my trunk and install a backrest. So...if anyone has a passenger backrest (with or without luggage rack) that they are not using....let me...
  20. Victory Cross Country
    I am looking to buy the back rest for my wife. I am looking for something that goes about mid back. How high up on the back with this go on a 5' person. Also how does your rider like it. At the asking price I want to make sure its the right thing before I buy it.
1-20 of 20 Results