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  1. Victory Vision
    My cousin has a 2010 vision. When he switches the audio source to Aux, display indicate Aux NAV MP3. This just recently happened, prior to that the display was Aux and it worked with the Cool Stream. Can someone help and tell us how to correct this. I think he may have pressed something to...
  2. Victory Cross Country
    I picked up my first Victory on Thursday. Hooked up an iPod today and I noticed that under good acceleration it flitzes out and comes back once up to speed. Even heard some crackle from a speaker but on radio no problem. Any ideas? Old iPod, cord going....?
  3. Victory Cross Country
    Hey all! New to the forum, and new to the Vic! Is there a way to get it to go through the fairing so I can have my phone plugged in on the handlebar on the 2012 XC? Is there a way to get the aux to show song information on the dash?
1-3 of 3 Results