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  1. Tech Q&A
    Need help from the wiring/audiophiles. I have a 2017 XC. I've purchased a trunk as an add on. I know that the head unit is the same as the Magnum and only a 2 channel with a passive signal coming out of the trunk hookup under the side panel. I have one of the extreme saddlebag speaker amps...
  2. Victory Magnum
    Just added an amp to my '16 Magnum, but now I am getting a humming noise coming out of my speakers as well as a speaker pop when I turn the volume to zero. I thought it might have been a bad ground, but I'm running the ground directly off of the battery (tried it both ways off battery and...
  3. Victory Magnum
    Alright, so the amp is finally in. Thanks to V-twin audio for fabricating their first plug and play wiring harness for an X-1. Only had to cut one pair of wires, so you could say it was easy! My left front tweeter is not working so I will be opening up the speaker again to check connections but...
1-3 of 3 Results