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      ... My vision only has 12000 miles on it 2000 miles since last dealer service… as I throttled on hard it started to slip... the vision is hydraulic and has no adjustment that I can see . Anyone had this before?
      Mileage's relative, I thought 40kM was low when my VV's clutch started slippin'.

      When in a 6th gear and throttlin' hard is when ya usually see the clutch slippin' symptoms. Usually the gear indicator drops gears (without shiftin') and ya can see the tach go up with out speedometer movement.

      Yes! VVs are hydraulic... so, as you say, no adjustment. I made the mistake of tryin' to adjust the slave cylinder piston rod and created a $150 mistake (in addition to replacin' the bad clutch).

      Keep looking,. There are a few post about hydraulic clutch adjustment on here. If I remember correctly a few guys had to bend the mounting bracket on the engine down by the actuator arm to get the clutch to fully engage.
      Those guys that bent the slave piston mount probably needed it done. My experience with the VV clutch is... don't mess with the slave cylinder just change the clutch pack. Barnett's has a pack that'll work.


      This pack fits 106 engine.
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      I actually dont use the clutch for shifting gears(which shld keep clutch even longer). Only when moving off and coming to a stop. I am not in US and there is only 9 Victory in my country. Just worried wont have the spare when the need arises.

      About 17000 miles now.
      Amazon.com: Barnett Performance Products Clutch Kit 303-85-20001: Automotive
      Amazon.com: Alto Red Eagle Clutch Kit for 2001-2013 Victory Motorcycles - Alto 095758-59: Automotive

      I am sure you can find something...

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