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      My apologies. I am referring to this one, 1000 lb. Steel Motorcycle Lift
      Thanks, that's not the one i bought, my reason asking is Vic's are quite long, and it took a while before i found a lift that was long enough to my liking and it was cheap also .... So before you buy double check the length and with of your bike vs lift

      I sunk the lift into my garage floor, it's so easy to use .....
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      Well this sucks. I was finally planning on picking up the Harbor Freight lift this winter when they still run the 20% off and they jacked up (pun intended) the price a hundred bucks to $549. With 20% off that brings it back to the last price.

      To think I could have got it for $279 a few years ago. WTF.
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      I have the Harbor Freight for my XCT. Lifts the bike with no issues. The front clamp is crap. I replaced it with the harbor freight wheel chock. Bolted it to the front of the lift after some drilling and what not. It works.

      1800 Lb. Capacity Motorcycle Stand/Wheel Chock

      I went with this wheel chock because the round tube one would hit the rear of the front fender. Worried that one day the fender would be bent in and paint chipped and crap. This one comes up just barely clearing the rear of the front fender.

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