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Niskayuna, NY

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    1. deacon1984
      Bill, I read with interest your post in December, 2014 about going to Lloydz for heat reduction mods. You indicated that the mods did reduce the heat, and I am wondering just how much. I have a 2014 CCT, and my wife can't stand the heat on her legs and feet. The glue in the heel of her boots actually melts due to the heat. Appreciate further info on your experience. John
      1. wspollack
        In terms of heat reduction, now having two summers after that work, I'm a little disappointed. To answer your question another way, it's a pretty minor reduction, and not worth the effort solely for that aspect. The engine has more torque under the curve, and the red-line is higher, so that takes away much of the disappointment. So I'd say, the Lloydz work is not worth it, IMHO, if done solely for heat reduction.
        Feb 7, 2017
    2. tgs989
      Hi Bill, I really liked your post on Rivco LED Mirrors and I would like to speak to you about wiring issues I am having. I tried over 10 times to send you a email at your web site Bill & Dots Excellent Pages but I was not able to email you? Bill my email is [email protected] could you please email me so I can explain to you my Rivco LED Mirror issues? Thank You very Much-Tim in MI
    3. CdnSailor
      Hey Bill,

      First off thanks for all the info you have posted here and on your site. The latest post Ive seen by you commenting on the cover at the rear of the engine your picture shows that you have removed and plugged the O2 sensor. I would like to do the same. Can you tell me what type of plug you have in there (metal composition, size and thread type)? Thanks in advance for the info! Shawn
      1. wspollack
        I can't help you out regarding the sensors. About a year ago, I rode to Lloydz Motorwerkz, and Lloyd & Co. installed a PC-V (and his air filter, and did a dyno tune). So, the O2 sensor stuff was done by them, and I didn't ask any questions about their work -- just enjoyed it. I never messed -- myself -- with anything to do with the engine. I guess you'll have to search around the forums for the plug info. Sorry.
        Jul 15, 2015
      2. CdnSailor
        Thanks Bill.

        Keep up the great info!
        Jul 15, 2015
    4. Jimbo123
      Hi Bill.....i think I got my answer. I looked in the gallery and it looks like the crossbar is in behind the fairing
    5. Jimbo123
      Hi Bill. Thanks for the info on the Helibars. I think they are exactly what I am looking for. one concern I have however, is where the crossbar is located. Does it cross in front of the radio display? Do you have a picture from the riders viewpoint? I have a 2014 XCT.


      [email protected]
    6. SMM28
      if there is no interest in the 2nd, pls send both as the one thats still on there is looking weak
    7. SMM28
      let me know when you've shipped it. thank you!!
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    US Army, '68 - '72. Retired former geek (database administrator for a NY state agency) and former MSF RiderCoach. Gallery of my XCT, showing assorted mods, links to my articles, etc.:
    Mo'sickles, photography, web work, reading, and family -- wife, kids, and grandkids.



    Bill P.

    2012 XCT (SOLD): HeliBars; Centramatics; PC-V; Lloydz air filter; 11" Madstad; Rivco LED mirrors; Doran TPMS; Stebel horn; Motolights; CustomLED trunk flasher; KewlHeel shifter; CycleOps trunk rack; BeadRider seat; Vibranator bar ends; Passenger grab handles; Powerlet outlets; Handlebar RAM mount; RicZ laydown plate; Brukus SaddlebagSecure; 14" flexible antenna; RAM cupholder on trunk; shock Schrader valve relocation.

    Gallery: 2012 Victory Cross Country Tour
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