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Dec 22, 2016
Jun 11, 2011
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Active Member, from Hudson

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Dec 22, 2016
    1. Jackrider
      Bill, who did you use for the paintjob on your other bike.
      1. SpidermanOhio
        I used Wizard Airbrush Graphics near Youngstown, Ohio. Steve is the owner/artist and been doing it for 40 years 330-770-3319
        Feb 19, 2014
    2. visionriderdeluxe
      Spiderman what is that device you have affixed to the lower portion of your dash panel? If it's your garage door opener I'd like to get a smaller one installed on my Vision in a remote location.
    3. TLarr
      I want to thank you for the "heads up" on this fender issue. The rear portion of the front fender is an "out of sight-out of mind" part of the body and I never would have caught the fact that the right side bolt hole had already broken and the fender was hanging by 1 bolt on the left side and the 2 grommets (?) that attach it to the front half of the front fender. This is only after 16K miles!!! A disaster waiting to happen.

      After reading this thread I bought the fiberglass replacement and then took my broken part to my local dealer. I didn't expect to get a warranty replacement, but just in case of a recall or something I wanted to be on record.

      To my surprise I just received a call from my dealer saying the factory is going to honor my warranty and replace the part. I am going to keep the fiberglass unit on in hopes that it will be more durable. I will keep the replacement part from Victory in case I need it in the future.

      I just wanted to say maybe Ma Vic is listening and starting to stand behind making this design flaw right.
    4. rlmortvedt

      Where did you get the Victory flag on your garage wall?
      It really looks nice!!!!
      1. SpidermanOhio
        Bought it last year - on ebay. Some guy was making them
        May 20, 2013
    5. ste1760
      Hay Spider, I'm somewhat new to the site,saw that you had a VTX 1800.I was seriously thinking about that or the 1300 as my next bike and bought an 07 Kingpin Tour instead. I had a wing 1500 that burned in a garage fire, it was to much around town. Never got to ride either Honda and bought the pin un-ridden. It may have been a bit nuts but the style, weight, bags/trunk and motor size were right in the range I was looking for AND it's a Victory---DUH. I wonder sometimes what the difference might have been and if I missed out on anything. Sure would appreciate any feedback from ya.......Keep the shiny side up Thanks
      1. SpidermanOhio
        You are not missing much IMO. The pros of the VTX 1800 IMO were the torque and "smoothness" of the tranny with the shaft drive. That's it.

        You can easily overcome the torque issue on the KPwith a few mods - performance breather and pipes. If these are already done, adding cams will also help. But honestly, the power of a stock Victory is excellent.

        The overall handling of the Victory is superior. The VTX1800 was extremely top heavy and was great in a straight line...but, through the twisties I am sure the Kingpin handles beautifully.

        Hope this helps....I would not second guess your choice....enjoy it and the great group of riders here on the VOG. You may also want to check out the VMC as well. Many Voggers are VMC guys, but many are not. Another great group over there.

        Be safe out there.

        Bill (Spiderman)
        May 15, 2013
    6. grumpymarine
      spiderman my cams are done but my dyno man is backed up. i am going to go with a new guy he is at northern ohio ducati. here in town on brittain road and he is 50 dollars cheaper going to get it done saturday morning.i guess they are all the same , ? he is going to do a custom map accross the range and give print out. he is also a certified dynojet tuner. will keep you posted.
    7. Ace22
      Hey, was wondering if you or any of the zoo crew were planning on riding out to AVR this year. I have never done anything like that before and am seriously considering the trip. I know it's in the fall and have to plan ahead. I am not an official Zoo crew dude, but am in Van Wert, Ohio and would be kind of on your way!
    8. Titos_Vic
      Just seen your video, very nice Spiderman. Question for you, what kinda of pegs did you use and how did you mount the pegs under the tip over pegs.

    9. jgolden
      @SpidermanOhio...I think that paint could be awesome. It could work really well. Do you have a painter lined up? If not I would love to work with you. I could provide you with excellent execution on this, at a very resonable rate. There would be shipping involved, but luckily you don't have a lot of tins. Personally, I would suggest just the tank and maybe the side covers to pull that red sinuous muscle texture down further into the bike. It's a really cool idea that I would love to see done right.

      I was just looking at the pictures of the new 26" wheel bagger that was posted. Severely disappointed in the paint.

      check out my work if you like.
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      2. SpidermanOhio
        OK Jonathan....as a side note. My wife grew up in the Dover/Durham area and went to UNH. We will be up there over the Christmas break staying in downtown Portsmouth.
        Nov 19, 2012
      3. jgolden
        Wow..no kidding. Nice. I'm in Merrimack. I work in Manchester. Flying i'm assuming. If not, one way shipping costs a whole lot less.

        Have a great Thanksgiving!
        Nov 19, 2012
      4. SpidermanOhio
        Driving actually :-). Hmmmmmmm
        Nov 19, 2012
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