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Jan 25, 2022 at 9:17 AM
Aug 4, 2008
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Well-Known Member, from Wisconsin

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Viewing thread SERIOUSLY..... YOUR NOT THAT COOL !, Jan 25, 2022 at 9:17 AM
    1. wingit3611
      Rollin what do you use to plan your gas stops to Alaska?
    2. d088
      1. Rollin
        That is a Brake A Way throttle lock on the left and a Cramp Buster on the right side of the grip.
        Mar 17, 2016
      2. d088
        Sorry, I meant the BrakeAway cruise. I can't seem the slide the switches over any to make room for the cruise to mount, so I was curious how you overcame this. I guess it's possible that the Kuryakyn grips that I have take up a bit more space than yours did.
        Mar 17, 2016
    3. xllxSAPPERxllx
      Like most I'm impressed on you IBA record.
      Do you plan your gas stops on the go or pre-plot on a map and stick to a plan? What's your maximum time spent at a gas stop?
      1. Rollin likes this.
      2. Rollin
        I plan the gas stops in advance and program them in the GPS, its one less thing to think about during the ride. Time at the stops depends on the type of ride but most are as quick as I can.
        Aug 10, 2015
    4. OneT
      Rollin, I've read several of your posts with interest. I'm interested in long distance riding and recently investigated the 4corners run in 21 days. I live on the coast in central Florida so I'm at least near key west. I've done some basic web research on long distance riding, like packing, camping, etc. My wife wants to come with. We are mid 50's but in good shape. Currently riding a XC 2014 red havasu with trunk backrest. Do you mind making a few pointed suggestions on getting ready for long distance 2-up riding? website references would hurt either thanks in advance scot
    5. Desert_Dave
      Hey Rollin,

      Where did you get the full length belt guard for your Vision? Seems like a practical thin to do.

      Desert Dave
      1. xllxSAPPERxllx likes this.
    6. afboys
      Hey Rollin, I am looking to swap my stock bars 2011 8-ball.Looks like the hammer Vee bars sit you further forward. What are the dimentions? cant seem to find them anywhere
      1. Rollin
        I don't have that bike anymore. I have a Vision. I liked the V-Bars, I had them on my Vegas and Kingpin.
        Jan 13, 2013
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