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Feb 13, 2014
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    1. Rockslider1
      seems I cant post all I need to say to give info I lost the headlight on a road trip at that time the speedo died and came back after restart. my bike is a 99 any help will be appreciated
    2. Rockslider1
      so Ive searched around and it seems your pretty up on these vic electrical. I was riding and lost all power to the whole bike and it never came back. I immediately checked the fuses and found all but one very hot. lost the headlight . I replaced the bulb and fuse and all was
    3. Blowndodge
      RV. Do you still have your Tri Ovals? IF so would they fit a 2013 CCT?

    4. Blowndodge
      Hey RedVic. It's Blowndodge. Glad to see I'm not the only one that challenges the "establishment" around here. I asked why doesn't someone come out with a strong cam for the bottom end I got some real sarcastic remarks from half stupid and the others. I have a long drag racing history during the times the IDBA was around. I'd really like to hear more on your Gen 4+. did you get the gauge and mount it or just rent it? total cost? If someone came out with a strong hitting bottome end cam I'd like to do that with the timing wheel and the Dobeck. I had a TFI 4 pot system on my Kawasaki Nomad and it ran perfect with it and I went from running premium to regular with no loss of MPG's.


      1. RedVic
        LOL, I have never been one to follow the crowd, I go down my own path.
        I bought the AFR+ Gen4, it comes with the gauge, on a cross country you can mount it in the left speaker grill.
        I have pretty good low end torque with my set up right now:
        1. Lloydz air filter
        2. Lloydz timing wheel set at plus 4 degrees
        3. Victory heavy duty silicone plug wires
        4. D&D slip on exhaust
        5. Dobeck AFR+ Gen4 programmer
        I also have the stage one down load in my ECM as well.
        Jul 14, 2014
      2. Blowndodge
        What's special about the plug wires? Just curious.
        Jul 14, 2014
    5. jimmi
      I will look air control solenoid up. Thanks Jimmi
    6. crosscountryla
    7. Pampurrs
      Thank you for all your help and advice. You are AWESOME!

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