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Dec 3, 2012
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Jul 21, 1960 (Age: 61)
St. Louis

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Well-Known Member, Male, 61, from St. Louis

So the shock must be different on the end the rocker attaches??? Jan 17, 2020

    1. Craig S
      Craig S
      Still have the shock? Can you give me a part number to see if it fits my Hardball? Thanks!
    2. lou8700
      So the shock must be different on the end the rocker attaches???
    3. lou8700
      I hear for it to work on a regular CC you would need the Magnum Rocker Arm also and that would lower the bike 1" just like the Magnum.
    4. pella cholla
      pella cholla
      Hey Lou. Saw the rear shock. Wondering why the Magnum shock doesn't work on the CCT?
    5. jedi-mcfly
      hey Lou - tnx for your support battling the goobers :)
      1. lou8700 likes this.
      2. lou8700
        It's a tough job. Nothing will ever change those guys.
        Apr 10, 2019
    6. red_bagger
      Hello sir. I was looking at your pictures and seen you have a chrome front fender tip cover.. I was wondering were you found that I have ben looking for something like that to hide some small chips. Thank You.
      1. lou8700
        Jun 1, 2017
    7. bstout
      Hello Lou8700 I saw your rear XCT rotor for sale and would like to have that. Please send paypal invoice to [email protected]

      Thanks Lynn
    8. ah13crosscountry
      Interested in the ness seat does it sit you lower and closer to the handlebars
    9. Grasserpete
      Welcome from grasserpete
    10. rcupp
      Didn't I see you Sunday riding into Ellisville heading east? Saw a red X-roads that looks just like yours...
    11. dugthepug
      I will see what I can do but I can't guarantee anything.
    12. kenman195
      Good day Lou, My name is Ken I go by kenman195 I have lived in British Columbia all my life and am 56 years old I have a new to me 2011 crossroads core Custom and my wife and I love to ride. if you are looking for a great time in the Rockies you cant go wrong by going to the east and west Kootney's, this is an area of the Rockies also known as the Monashee's mountain ranges. they are breath taking and you will be blown away. the roads are plentiful and the twistiness even more. you can Google places like Nelson B.C. Nakusp B.C. www.toadrockcampground.com www.kaslojazzfest.com www.horsethiefhideout.ca www.rossland.com www.castlegar.ca O.M.G.!! ya bloody well got me started! brother you can believe me when I say you will need two weeks minimum. there are numerous bike rides and toy runs and ride for dads for prostate cancer and as well you are more than welcome to join for free the www.bclonewolves.com and for sure hit up Dave and or Larry and tom at www.mmperformance.com Polaris and Victory dealer in Kelowna B.C. Canada. they are very helpful in finding you rides and repairs if needed in the area. as well there is www.mainjet.ca located in the Monashee's mountain town of Nelson B.C. Canada. I think I have given you plenty to start. if you stay within July and August you will be fine for weather. it does rain here as it does anywhere. pack for where your going and not where you are. use this site for your weather. for the area you are going to. weather.gc.ca/radar.
      1. lou8700
        Thanks Kenfor all the great info. Nelson will definately have to be on our to do list.
        Oct 26, 2013
    13. carl_i
      Born and raised in STL. Thought we should connect.
      1. lou8700
        Hello, Send me a message if you get to STL and would like to go for a ride or something. Lou
        Feb 17, 2013
    14. papajoe
      I was looking at buying that bike too, I ended up with a 2011 cross roads that they had. Worked out good for me so far, still working on getting it finished.
      1. lou8700
        Good way to get a great bike at a price I could afford. Mines all back together and lookin pretty. There really wasn't a lot wrong with it. Had it inspected by MO Highway patrol last week and now waiting to get a "previous salvage" title back so I can license it. Then it's time to ride. Glad it worked out for you too.
        Feb 12, 2013
      2. papajoe
        mine needs paint, which is why I bought it. Wanted a custom paint job but couldnt see painting a perfectly good bike! Hope the South Dakota highway patrol are easy to work with on the title.
        Feb 12, 2013
    15. grounder
      I see you're in St. Louis. If you want to get together when the weather warms, give me a shout.
      1. lou8700
        Sure, that would benice to meet down around Pilot Knob or Bixby. We're blessed with some great riding down that way. Lou
        Jan 27, 2013
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    Jul 21, 1960 (Age: 61)
    St. Louis
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    2012 Victory Cross Roads, 2014 Victory Cross Country Tour


    Timing Wheel
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