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Aug 29, 2018
Sep 1, 2009
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Aug 29, 2018
    1. HutchAZ
      Hello Kevin, my name is Henry. You are highly recommend when it comes to all things Victory. I have a 2017 magnum and I really would like more power. I.e. Cams, intake and tune. I was told you take trips for cam parties. Is there any chance you could be in the Phoenix area in the near future? Thanks.
      Good evening, I am new to the group. My names is James and currently in Central Florida. I was told in another forum that you are the guy to know in my neck of the woods for all things Victory. Just wanted to introduce myself, as I am a new Vic owner currently going through my bike to insure its top top shape.
    3. keys2heaven
      Can you give me any advice on why my bike stalls intermittently? Stock bike 2016 8-Ball with < 1000 miles.
    4. wccoach511998
      Kevin, I had a question regarding the maximum fuel tuner. I have a 2014 xc 8 Ball. I have the Lloyds timing wheel set to +4 and I have the ragin cajun low and throaty. If I were to use the maximum tuner, would I need to set the timing wheel back to 0 or install the factory one back in? Also, is the maximus a good idea or should I use another fuel controller.

    5. Sharps
      I'm looking for the drop in cams (hoh-vm1) for my 06 any chance would you know of any available? Sorry to bother ya but figured you might have some knowledge on this...guess Lloyd would have to order 100 at a time and they are out and not getting anymore. Thanks in advance
    6. Bomb461
      Kevin, I just found your email about Grayling event! It somehow got snatched by spam folder! This is Steve Neal. We have spoke multiple times by email at inkbomb1968! Ill call tomorrow! Or you can contact me at269-993-5058! Just returned from some cancer surgery with Veterans Admin! My apologies that I didnt see sooner until I was able to sit duwn and empty my criwded mails!
    7. Matt8488
      Kevin, I was told by another poster on the forum to ask you about any more info on the Maximus tuner for Victory.
    8. milesx
      Kevin I need to replace the starter motor on my 11 XC. Is there anything I need to know before I proceed? The service manual isn't too detailed. Thanks
    9. Neildaddy
      Kevin-I ride a 05 Hammer. I have always serviced it myself and always use a torque wrench (15 ft lb) on the oil plug, but when I began an oil change today the plug just spins. Obviously stripped. I'll eventually get the plug out, but do you have advice on the best fix that I would be able to perform? Wish you were closer, I'd let you guys fix. Thanks for your time. Neil Prater, Murfreesboro, TN.
    10. Dstaton
      Good afternoon, I have a question regarding fuel injection on my CCT. Is it port injected, and if so, in which valve runner does the injector reside. And does the 106 motor have carbon build up on intake valves. Thanks for your help;
    11. Scott_B
      I tried posting some questions here, but I guess I am too long-winded, so I started a conversation with you. I'm kinda new to all of this, can you help me out?
    12. john kulchyckyj
      john kulchyckyj
      I just noticed the edges of my fuel cap, the paint was coming off, i guess it happens when you fill the tank up with gas. So there is dried touch up paint over the original black color. Can you help me out on what to do? John
    13. Azking-pin
      Hi Kevinx,

      I posted a thread in tech q&a about my 04 kp v92 that started tapping loudly on rear cylinder. With the screwdriver to ear test it sounds like coming from right under rear valve cover. I wanted to ask you your thoughts. Bike still runs great. Noise just appeared after a trip on highway. Oil level good. Oil change two months old. Will it pump up? Replace rocker assbly? Thanks for any input
      1. kevinx
        I'd change the oil again and run it. Prolly a piece of trash going through. BTW....use the PM system, and not this for comunication. Just dumb luck I even saw this
        Mar 3, 2016
    14. Streetmachine
      I heard you were gonna do a cam party in sturgis michigan. When will that happen?
    15. mande
      Hello Kevin
      I'm interested in one of your used dual channel autotune at 300, if you would send them to Europe.

      What would be the price and the shipping costs?

      Thank you and best regards
      Andreas Sieber
      kevinx said: ↑
      If you don't have a convenient DYNO or you don't have extreme mods. They work reasonably. I have a couple used 2 channel version for $250 a piece
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