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Dec 20, 2010
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Des Moines

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    1. oldman103
      Where can I get a set of 5 over aftermarket pistons,pins, rings and clips for a n 07 100" Freedom motor? Thanks
    2. plaidfinger
      New member with a 2016 Highball. Found an older post where you mentioned selling smoked signal covers with amber bulbs. Do you have 4 left you might sell me?
    3. john kulchyckyj
      john kulchyckyj
      i have a2008 victory vegas 8-ball. The exhaust is ok, but not great. I am putting in loydz timing wheel, and while my bike is in the shop i am going to buy loyz torque tubes. Is this the correct way to modify a victory.
    4. cmac
      H iabob,,, dissonecting the o2senor ..... be done at the sensor or the harness? thanks
    5. qingyun
      Hey, join our family " Motorcyclesingledating. Com" it is a place to hook up with bikers for ride-outs, events, rallies, bar hops and the having the chance to possibly hook-up! See for yourself how easy it is to connect with women and men who love the feel of the breeze in their hair and the openness of the road ahead of them.
    6. Bigfoot
      Is the political forum gone?
    7. jmurds0310
      Hello form the middle of minnesota
    8. Big_Baazzoo
      I wanted to make sure you know I'm saying "Thanks" for a great weekend and everything you did to help make it so much fun.
    9. dante12
      I want loud enough to here it at least a block away, just think louder is cool
    10. janitorsvictorydream
      Thank You very Much. For being a Friend.
    11. danainorangecounty
      that rear turn signal lens is working out perfectly. Many thanks once again. Glad you're getting some riding weather finally.
    12. skiziks64
      hey brother I am active duty at Ft Riley ks I would be interested in the patch
    13. crosscountryla
      I had a tech at Lloyds down load a custom map off of a Cross Country that had D&D Boss , slip on's, PC5, timing wheel, and his big air filter. My bike has the same performance mods, and the only difference being , is that I have the Nascar6 mufflers. I messaged you and told you that the inside of my mufflers were black inside when I stuck index finger in, and then pulled it out. My bike runs strong, no pops, or any hesitations at all , no where in the rpm band. Today I took my XCT out for a test ride, and wound each gear out to 4,000 rpms, and cruised at 3,000 rpms. When I got back home I again stuck my index finger up inside of the tail pipe. This time my finger was only slightly black. This leads me to believe that my custom map is pretty darn close to what I need. Still want the cams though. lol
    14. danainorangecounty
      one eyed jacks are wild...
    15. crosscountryla

      Thanks for the tip about the Quote button. I'm new to this forum and this now saves me time to not have copy and pasted any more. lol

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    Des Moines
    Type of Motorcycle Currently Riding:
    Victory Kingpin


    100" Kingpin, 115 hp 124 tq
    110" Vision, 128 hp 130 tq (sold)
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