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Sep 25, 2019
Oct 23, 2012
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N. Las Vegas

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Active Member, from N. Las Vegas

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Sep 25, 2019
    1. crosscountryla
      Do the ness big honkers sound as loud as the Nascar6 video that I posted for you"
    2. crosscountryla
    3. Bigfoot
      2,200 miles in three days is no problem as long as you don't get "monkey butt". (Scabby rash that makes it absolutely miserable to ride)
      Any clothing between you and your seat that has folds or pleats will cause it.
      I ride "commando" or use tight fitting riding underwear that does allow creases.
      I use these;

      Harley's speedometers are notoriously inaccurate on the high side.
      Victory motorcycles are always within one or 2 miles per hour of being accurate.
      Unless you want to go slower than needed, lead.

      I've got 46,000 miles on my 2011 Vision.
      I've ridden 1,360 miles within 22 hours 3 times (Akron Ohio to Key West Florida) and many more 1,000 mile days.
      I rode 7,600 miles in 10 days and that included visiting relatives in Oklahoma and Southern California.
      I've ridden 1 and 101 from Seattle Washington to just north of San Diego California.

      Dawn and dusk are the most dangerous times on your bike and I recommend carrying a few of those small energy booster bottles to get you through the rough times.
      If you catch yourself nodding off, pull over and walk it off. That's all it will take.

      The most important thing is to keep hydrated.
      Have a bottle of water handy for you to drink between fuel stops.
      Make sure you drink it.

      To maximize "miles per day" you have to keep fuel stops to under 15 minutes.

      A modular helmet (flip up) will increase your ability to travel more miles in a day than a half helmet will allow.

      You must have 2 pair of gloves to keep your hands warm and dry.

      I don't go anywhere without my cell phone and GPS.

      HAVE FUN!
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    N. Las Vegas
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    2012 Hard-Ball
    Born in Italy 1959, migrated to the U.S. 1969. <br />Upon graduating High school enlisted in the U.S.N.<br />Graduate, Johnson & Wales University, Providence R.I.<br />Owned my own business 17 years.<br />Moved to Las Vegas.
    Scuba Diving, Advanced Open Water certified<br />Skiing<br />Fine furniture making<br />And the latest.......................Victory motorcycles cross country riding


    Always going the extra-mile
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