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Jan 27, 2016
Jan 12, 2009
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Active Member, Male, from Aiea

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Jan 27, 2016
    1. crosscountryla
      On a Cross Country frame:

      After you remove the bolt on the frame that holds the triangle plate to the rear of the engine , I assume that you'll also have to loosen the front top engine mount so you're able to tilt the top frame member up over the rear rocker box cover? Also, before you raise the top frame member up over the rear rocker box cover, don't you first need to support the bottom of the engine because it's now not supported by the rear top engine mount?

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      2. davelau
        Upgraded the intake (front and center), cams, fuel controller, and timing wheel set at +4. She's a keeper. I have not tuned it, but I did dyno run it and it ran a 106.12 I'm sure if I tuned it, I could get a few more ponies out of her.
        Jan 17, 2014
      3. crosscountryla
        When I first got my XCT I thought that it had the exact same intake system as the Vision, but I later found out that even withthe exact same engine mods done to a Vision and XCT, because of the better factory intake sytemthat's onthe Vision, it would always put out more hp and tq. This was a big let down to me. I was originally going to buy a black Vegas 8 ball, becauseI love the way it can be flicked side to side just like a dirt bike when compared to the much larger XCT that I bought. I also wanted to install the Lloydz tq tubes on it later on too. But, for the kind of long distance touring that I like to do, the XCT won me over. I am now spoiled by the suround sound system , heated seat and handle bar grips thatthe XCT has. Like your Vision my XCT eats up highway miles like it's nothing.
        Jan 17, 2014
      4. davelau
        I really want to pick up either a Highball, Vegas, or King Pin. It'll be in the used market for sure, but to have a smaller bike to putt around in would be ideal. Love my Vision for the long distance riding, but nothing like having a lighter bike set up similar to my Vision.
        Jan 18, 2014
    2. CarSick
      Hey Dave, Andy Bumatai here. Just joined TheVog. My username is CarSick.
      1. davelau
        Cool! Welcome aboard.
        Oct 29, 2013
    3. Wasatch_Voodoo
      Aloha Dave. Got back from the Big Island and wished that I had rented a bike over there. Incredible diversity of landscapes. It is my new favorite island. Very local and less touristy.
      1. davelau
        I agree!! I will ship my bike there someday. have a few friends there to ride with and can't wait to ride out there!
        Jun 4, 2013
    4. OneThumb
      Nice Backrest
    5. 98741
      Man used to live in Honolulu, HI in the mid 80's I was stationed at Tripler Hospital in the Army days, I miss living there life was good then. Mele Kalikimaka.” brada hope to live there again someday
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    09 Ness Vision
    2009 Ness Street Vision #151. This bike is perfect for the roads here in Hawaii. The small side bags are big enough for me and if ever need to, I can always mount my trunk. Power, performance, comfort. What can I say, its a Vision!!<br /><br />I work for Ecolab, Inc. as a district manager for the pest division. Married with two young boys that are a joy to be around and to watch grow. <br /><br />My next plan is to someday grab a hold of another Vic. Cross Country or KP are tops on the list. <br /><br />Cheers! Ride safe!
    1. My family<br /><br />2. Providing for my family<br /><br />3. Riding my Ness Vision.
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