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Dec 10, 2013
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Well-Known Member

    1. mr-b
      So, do you have a set of your nasty pipes complete with the trim and caps to sell? If so, I’m prolly your guy...
    2. Teflonpilot
      Hello Dave! I've got a 2009 Vision. Looking for some pipes. Can you help?
    3. Vic_X2
      Hi Dave, I'm looking to get pricing on a set of mufflers for my 2014 Vision. Thanks, Tom
    4. PC2008Vision
      Hello, i asked the question about cutting out the baffles on stage 1 victory exhaust and was told i could do that. I have a concern about back pressure. I know just enough to get me in trouble. I was told to contact you and you would be able to help me out. Im guessing if you change the tips you can get a throater sound? Thank you.
    5. bluemagnum23
      Looking to get a quote on your pipes. Any video if sound. I have a 16 magnum with the stock pipes gutted. Great deep sound but to much popping
      1. crosscountryla
        Sent you a private message
        Mar 10, 2020
    6. Irv
      Hey, Im looking to get a set oif your exhaust done. wondering how I go about getting some pricing from you.
      1. crosscountryla
        I sent you a private message.
        Feb 26, 2020
    7. Geobob
      Hi Dave feel free to call or text me if I don’t pick up (i drive a truck for a living so i can not always answer)
      Bob Buehler 717-578-1923
    8. MIC_Rulz
      Hi Dave, I just found out about you and your pipes. I have a 2012 XC that I want improve the exhaust note of. I am a fan of the low hot rod noise but I have neighbors that I don't want to run me out of town.
      1. crosscountryla

        I sent you a private message
        Sep 23, 2019
    9. knucles
      I have a 2008 vision tour . I do not like the stock pipes , too quiet .
      I was told to contact you to modify .
      I have a spare stock set of mufflers .
      Could send them to you to modify ?
      Cost ?
      702 630 1688
    10. SpinDrive
      Hello, Can you send me a estimate for a set of your pipes. Thanks, SPin
      1. crosscountryla
        I sent you a private message
        Sep 23, 2019
    11. luv2ride121981
      Hello, I've read a lot and heard a couple videos of your medium low and throaty exhaust. I was just wondering what is the cost with shipping for those? I have a 2012 CCT
      1. crosscountryla
        I sent you a private message
        Mar 29, 2019
    12. Mike A.
      Mike A.
      Hi Dave. I need some of your expertise with pipes. I have tri ovals and I like the looks, but i'm looking to get better sound out of them and a bit louder. Have you ever modified them to sound more like your ragin cajun?
    13. crown1king
      Apparently your the man to talk to. I have tri oval exhaust - 2015 cross county 8 ball. Looking for more noise. Can you help?
      1. crosscountryla
        I sent you a private message
        Oct 9, 2018
    14. moparluver1
      . I've got VM1 cams, lloyds filter, and PCV and a set of Atom Bombs. I really love the deep rumble but I'm getting old! They are just too loud on the highway.. What do you guys recommend for that deep magnaflow kind of rumble that i'm used to, just at a lower volume? Like maybe halfway between where it is, and stock? I don't really want to have to do a remap if I don't have to, and I'm on a fairly tight budget..
      1. crosscountryla
        Moparluver----- > I sent you a private message
        Oct 2, 2018
    15. nc vic magnum
      nc vic magnum
      I have 2015 magnum. I want to change my tri ovals out to ragin cajun. So ok need a number of website. Not to computer friendly thanks. My email is [email protected]
      1. crosscountryla
        I sent you a private message
        Jul 15, 2018
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