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Jan 25, 2022 at 8:34 AM
Dec 25, 2009
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Jan 25, 2022 at 8:34 AM
    1. ReigningScorpios
      Thank you much.
      Im new at this forum stuff. Tried a couple times but haters shut me down so fast I cant learn how to thread and post.
    2. Tracybennett51969
      Take wheel off remove pulley take red gel lock tight around bace of lugs put pulley on to create a seal full holes with regular red lock tight let dry and retorque .
    3. sgtfixit
      Hi wrote, " if someone really wanted one, I'd let mine go. It's still just sitting on my shelf where it will likely remain for the next few months....How much are you willing to take for it ...and is it complete

    4. Jeff_S
      Mark, Did you see Randy is selling his Victory signs in the market place sub forum? Sad.
    5. ChuckTX
      I saw you had ask about using the National Cycle windshield with the Madstad brackets. Does the windshield work ok with the Madstad brackets? I have a Magnum that I want to use the National Cycle windshield on.
    6. Allstate
      Hey Mark. I was at Randy's on Friday and saw a nice shiny new Arlen Ness beveled shift link. Turns out it was yours. Rod says the rest of you parts are on there way in.
    7. madkaw63
      It has the mount that came with the GPS made to mount on motorcycle
    8. TejasBiker
      Mark, You got some of the finest areas to ride! I lived in Chickamaga GA just SE of you for a season. Didn't own a bike then. Those switchbacks going up lookout mountain would be some big time fun. Some beautiful country!
    9. spunkler

      I take PayPal 125$ shipped to your door. Look under new motorcycle acc.

      My PayPal is [email protected]
    10. Jon_McConnell
      Hey my brother, thanks for the reply. Coming from a student of Jesus Christ, it makes your opinion gold to me.
    11. Army03
      Chicago_Mark, I'm going to visit Randy Cycle based on your on good recommendation. I'm looking for GREAT service for sure.
      Thank yfor the info looks like I will need to do some research this is the first time I've even heard of Lloyds and will have to start looking for their products if you can point me in the right direction I would appreciate it
    13. billflag
      I didn't want to post this on the general forum, but it seems like there's always someone that presumes to tell us what we should think or say. Forums are a very important source of information and it's up to each of us to read the information and draw our own conclusions. We certainly don't need people like you to tell us what we should or shouldn't say, read, or do. $28K is a lot of money for most people and, if nothing else, the forums may help them make a more informed decision on how to spend it.
      Your statement about dealers and service people being too busy making a living to read owner forums is baloney. That's their livelihood and if they don't care about customer feedback, they shouldn't be in the business.
      I have been a strong advocate for Victory and now Indian since 2008, but that doesn't mean they've bought my silence when issues aren't being addressed. I have had extensive interactions with numerous dealers in Arizona and South Florida and the issues I've addressed are not isolated or unfounded; they're systemic. Had it not been for a personal friend of mine that owns a Victory Dealerships, some of the problems I've had with my 2 XCs probably still wouldn't be fixed. The "system" didn't care, he did.
      You see, what makes the system work is not the system in and of itself, it's the customer. Business that don't care about the customers don't stay in business for long. That's the real power of the customer forums and why I will continue to read and contribute to them. I immediately discard much of what I read, but I certainly appreciate much of the information that's been available. For example, it's through the forum that I learned that the Information Display cannot be seen in bright sunlight. The "system" didn't tell me. Consumers did. And, it was true. Polaris still hasn't fixed it and is releasing new bike as we speak with this problem. It's only by customer pressure that they will eventually fix the problem and others that are being identified by new owners on the forum.
    14. joevicx
      Thanks for the advice. I'll try the changes.
    15. dann
      Oh no not SAE versus Metric!

      I guess Metric.
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