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Jan 21, 2019
Jan 27, 2010
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Fort McMurray

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Well-Known Member, from Fort McMurray

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Jan 21, 2019
    1. Colorspark
      Hi bored. I'm thinking of getting speedmaster soon. It will be my first bike ever. Why did you get rid of it? Was something wrong with it or did you just fancy to move on on a more powerful machine? Cheers!
      1. bored76
        It was a great bike. A little small for the 2500+ miles I ride on a trip. I would have had to fit it with bags as well. I actually wish I would have kept it for around town riding
        Sep 10, 2015
    2. poppamark
      hey bored can you tell me were and how you got the maps on your page to show were you have ridden, thanks.. mark
      1. bored76
    3. S_Clause
      Thanks for posting your pictures with FishWitch (Sydney)
    4. Darker
      Do Jay or Andrew have any tickets to give away yet?
      1. bored76
        Not sure, just poped in real quick yesterday to let them know I would help, so asking about tickets never crossed my mind
        Dec 18, 2012
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    Fort McMurray
    Type of Motorcycle Currently Riding:
    2010 Vic XR
    I went and got my motorcycle license in 2008 along with my sister-in law. We went and took a bike rider training course. I wish now that I had gotten my license sooner. In the first 2 summers I logged 17000km on a Triumph Speedmaster and Kawasaki Vulcan Meanstreak. 2010 I picked up a Vic XRoad and have done numerous long trips on it including a 17 day 13800km run to the East Coast and back home. It's parked in Arizona so I can ride durring the winter months & keep my sanity. Now on the second winter in AZ. See how many Km's I have on my XR since I bought it April 07, 2010 by looking at my tag line of my posts. <br /><br />Now if I could just find a lady that loves bikes as much as I do!!!<br /><br />Bikes I own or have owned<br />2010 Victory Cross Roads Black. <br />2008 Kawi Meanstreak Black & Red (for sale),<br />2007 Triumph Speedmaster Black (sold)
    As for hobbie & interests I love to ride bikes, quads, and sleds. I also enjoy traveling and seeing how the rest of the world lives.<br /><br />Also SARCASM. I'm a believer that if you can't handle sarcasm you should go to the DOC and get that stick pulled out of your A$$.


    I don't ride enough. Only 252,000km since April 7, 2010 on my '10 XR. 2017 XC has 4500km.

    All lower 48 states and 9/10 provinces. Haven't made it to Newfoundland or Alaska yet.
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