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Oct 25, 2017
Feb 15, 2013
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Asheville NC

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Active Member, from Asheville NC

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Oct 25, 2017
    1. wjam
      I'm interested if the whole system fits XC
    2. gtrjoe
      I will give you the timing wheel for $50.00 paypal gift - one of the adjustment screws stipped - but I found another that works. Let me know if still interested or it goes to the scrap yard. = I'll pay shipping...Joe

      Paypal= [email protected] and send me your address for shipping.

      1. babs
        Thanks.. I was being 1/2 way facetious but I'll have to think about it. Sounds like you found your culprit though. Hopefully easily fixed.
        Apr 23, 2014
    3. JuanManuel
      Hey Babs. Quick question. So I took my girl out for ride and of couse she loved it except for the lack of back rest, since she is short and petite.. she can't comfortably hold on to me. So i started looking at back rest options.
      In your picture above, what backrest and passenger seat do you have going there? I currently have the factory vegas passenger seat along with stock rider seat. Thanks man for your help.
      1. babs
      2. JuanManuel
        awesome man. Thanks. you have the tourer seat or the standard?
        After getting the standard, i felt bad for my girl on how stiff it is. not sure if the tourer is any better. May send to this guy that adds gel and some other stuff that's gotten some good review out here in Los Angeles.
        Feb 3, 2014
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    Asheville NC
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    2013 Victory High-Ball


    Stick together. Be diligent and prudent my Victory brothers!
    2013 Hard-Ball / Lloydz VM1-DR cams, Air kit, timing wheel / PCV / Freedom Tru Duals / KMC's dyno magic
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