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Jan 18, 2022 at 10:34 PM
Feb 14, 2012
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Edmonton, AB

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Well-Known Member, from Edmonton, AB

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Jan 18, 2022 at 10:34 PM
    1. Motorbikerx
      G'day mate! RIP Lemmy!
      Victory will never rest!
      Victory or die!
      My Iron Horse she flies!
      1. Im4reguy likes this.
    2. Dazz
      Good to know thanks. Price on those is out of my range for the moment...Maybe for Xmas.
    3. garbear
      I do understand what you did. But the question is why? Victory should step up. As far as us paying labor that is Bull sh%t to. It's a flaw that Victory owns and should take care of. As stated before I will see what the VP Steve Menneto has to say. Thanks for the post. Garbear.
    4. Wm Nichols
      Wm Nichols
      Just purchased a new 2014 Cross Country Tour, Great MC. I am in the process of building an under skid plate . There is a 11/4 inch hole to remove oil plug. The skid plate is 3/16 thick steel plate and 81/4 wide. I believe this plate will cover the voltage reg and wire, switches and engine bottom. My skid plate design cooling will not be a problem and every thing on the under side will have protection.
    5. bikerbird
      Jim, I think I have those pages, was looking for a schematic breakdown of the cruise wiring. Thanks
    6. kbdavis
      I am riding a 2012 victory cross country.
    7. Lostintexas
      Low beam HID stays on with high beam if you have the OEM set up. Sorry would post on the forum but felt I was contributing to a hijack by someone else and will leave it alone.
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      2. Lostintexas
        You' re right the low is very good. I put a silver star in for the high beam. It almost has recoil when both are lit up. We do a lot of riding in remote areas and it is nice to push tha dark back a bit. BTW IF you ever need a light for the low it is the same as an 06 Denalli. (sp)
        Ride safe, Cheers
        Feb 3, 2014
      3. 1stVictory
        We have a different set of circumstances up here at latitude 53 in the summer. We get 17 hrs of daylight from sunrise to sunset on June 21. With daylight time, the sun sets at 10:07 PM and rises just after 5 AM. The north sky ramains a medium blue through the night. It's beautiful. But I rarely if never ride after 10:30 PM so it's still quite bright out. For example, I rode my GL1500 Goldwing for 9 years before I had noticed that the speedo/tach combination dials had lost their illumination with several burned out bulbs until it was mid-Aug in northern Calif when we were riding later than expected. By 8:30 it was dark and I realized then that the bulbs were gone. I had no idea because our summer light stays much longer. FYI... not quite land of the midnight sun but just as cold here in winter!
        Feb 3, 2014
      4. Lostintexas
        I feel for you. This has been the coldest winter we have had in a while. I don't store the XCT but will go some time without riding on occasion. Not sure how y'all do it. I guess you may say the same for the heat here. LOL
        I went to Canada once many years ago, and didn't get to stay long enough for my liking. Things were different then. Got caught fishing and the warden, ranger or what ever you call them was very sympathetic to us. He even pointed out a good camp site and better place to fish. I'd bet that won't happen in either of our countries these days, and we were fortunate to fet the rught "guy".
        Stay warm and here is to an early spring for you. It looks like we will be in for a late one here.
        Feb 3, 2014
    8. salcar57
      That's exactly what I use & I just stretch a rubber band around it...or they make a waterproof clear plastic box that covers the unit that you can find online.
      1. 1stVictory
        I thought you made a typo in calling it a Nuvi 660. I have the Zumo 660 and it's waterproof so no worries about rain. A baggie will work fine. And the only one who will see it is you.
        Mar 23, 2013
      2. salcar57
        That Zumo is the unit I'll end up getting eventually but for now the Nuvi serves my purpose. I'd rather spend that $ on other goodies right now : )
        Mar 23, 2013
      3. 1stVictory
        Safety chrome is a good place to start spending money on.
        Mar 23, 2013
    9. Lance
      Could you let me know where you got the custom cheese wredge. Lance
      1. 1stVictory
        www.barracudacustoms.com Steve does a fantastic job. Just send him a good quality image and he'll do wonders with it. Only $40 for a truly custom item. Jim
        Mar 15, 2013
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