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by NickJ at Nov 11, 2015
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All too often we forget about the sacrifices that are made for us here in this great country of ours. I know I do. Our Armed Forces endure things that I have nightmares about and still put on a brave face for their friends and families. This is something that I don't know if I could do.

On this day, a day that is reserved exclusively to honor those men and women that have fought for the freedoms that we enjoy on a daily basis, Victory Motorcycles partnered with the Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans Associassions (IAVA) to help some veterans make a lasting impact on the 96th Annual Veterans Day parade in New York City.

There were more than 20,0000 participants in this year's parade. Many of which are current and former soldiers from the various branches of the armed forces. The veterans associated with the IAVA had the opportunity to ride alongside their fellow veterans on Victory motorcycles as they marched up Fifth Ave.

Victory had photographers on hand to capture the amazing sight. My words are generally not enough to properly express how grand moments like this are. As they say, "A picture is worth a 1,000 words." I will simply post the photo essay of the day's events and tip my hat to those that fight to keep me free.

Thanks to each and every one of you.

by NickJ at Oct 16, 2015
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EICMA – Victory Motorcycles World Premiere

Victory Motorcycles World Premiere at EICMA
Wednesday, 18 November 2015
Visit us in Hall 13 on Stand U50 at 11am

Victory Motorcycles has been showcasing American Muscle throughout its product line and in racing. Our pathway to the latest evolution of the brand will be revealed to the media in Hall 13.

We have just over a month to speculate on what it could be.
by NickJ at Oct 9, 2015
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The Gunner has been one of Victory Motorcycles’ best-selling cruisers this year – and it’s one of the easiest models to customise too.

There’s a line-up of official accessories that are simple to fit, yet can transform the look of the Gunner.

A suggested set-up is to fit the red leather ‘Solo mission seat’ and a fix the ‘solo luggage rack’ directly behind.

Solo Mission Seat in red

Solo Luggage Rack

Up front, the standard handlebars can be swapped for the ‘Hammer Vee Drag bars’ fitted with ‘Victory Billet Grips’ and ‘Arlen Ness Rad III mirrors’.

Hammer Vee Drag Bars

Arlen Ness Rad III mirrors

Victory Billet grips

With the seat and riding controls taken care of, next in line is the engine. A simple fitment of ‘Cam Tension Covers’, ‘Black Finned Engine Covers’, ‘Tracker Intake & Ignition covers’ and ‘Coloured Plug Wires’ is enough give your Gunner more grunt.

Cam tensioner covers

Black Finned engine covers

Tracker intake and ignition covers

Coloured Plug wires for Gunner

To finish it off, owners can fit officially approved Akrapovič exhausts.

# # #


Victory Motorcycles designs, engineers, manufactures and markets a full line of cruisers, baggers and touring motorcycles. Every Victory model delivers industry-leading performance, comfort, style, storage and reliability. The first Victory was produced on the Fourth of July, 1998, in Spirit Lake, Iowa, where every Victory motorcycle continues to be produced today. Information about Victory motorcycles, apparel and accessories is available at and on Facebook at...
by NickJ at Sep 21, 2015
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All of the motorcycles in Victory Motorcycles’ cruiser category can now be fitted with performance Akrapovič exhausts.

Owners of the Gunner, Judge, Hammer S, Hammer 8-Ball, Vegas 8-Ball and the High-Ball can simply make a straight swap of their standard exhausts for these new Akrapovič ones.

The exhausts come in either matte black or chrome and have a two-year warranty.

Uroš Rosa, PhD and CEO Akrapovič d.d says: “This is a very a significant event for all of us here at Akrapovič, and we are extremely proud to be the performance exhaust of choice for Victory Motorcycles’ cruiser category. We have a history of creating innovative exhaust solutions using the latest technology, and it is this philosophy that we see in this collaboration. Victory Motorcycles has breathed new life into the American V-Twin cruiser market with its pioneering range of bikes, and we are delighted to align our own unique exhaust knowledge with them. Akrapovič will give part of its world and a whole new character to each and every bike fitted with one of its exhaust systems, and, through the performance, quality, design, technology, and unmistakable sound that we deliver with each exhaust system, all Akrapovič-equipped Victory Motorcycles cruisers will be bikes that stand out from the rest.”

Victory Motorcycles’ head of parts, apparel and accessories, Andreas Geisinger, said: “I was very excited to work with Akrapovič on this exclusive exhaust line for our Victory Motorcycles line up.

“Akrapovič, with their well-known class-leading quality and performance levels, goes perfectly with Victory Motorcycles’ push to produce machines with ‘Modern American Performance’. These handmade exhausts are like works of art.”

You can listen to the Gunner running with the Akrapovič exhausts fitted at...
by NickJ at Aug 12, 2015
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Torque is an American ideal. An ideal that runs deep in American Motorsport. Until now, the industry at large had employed either large displacement or motors fed via forced induction to satiate the public's appetite for immediate power. This led to the constant use of fossil fuels and the contamination of the fresh air supply in our cities. The endless march of technology and progress inspired the search for an alternative form of energy to move us from one place to another. From the past to the present, the all new fully electric 2016 Victory Empulse TT is here. It may run on electricity – but riding it is a gas.


The introduction to any new model of bike is generally the same: Here is the key. This is the start button. This is “on.” So on and so forth. Normally you straddle the bike, go through the familiar motions, and be rewarded with vibrations and the growl of a high-quality gasoline powered motor roaring to life between your legs. The Empulse TT is a little different. The key, the ”on" position, the start button; these are all in the same place, and everything makes sense in that regard. It’s the absence of the familiar whir of a priming fuel pump that is first noticed. Normally, this would mean something is amiss with the machine, but not with the Empulse TT. Stay the course, and hold the starter button for a moment. Silently, the gauge wipes for a second time. A barely-audible, yet quintessential electronic click is the only sound heard, and a yellow "ON" emblem flashes on the dash. Now what? Is that it? There is no auditory reward other than a healthy click signifying that electricity is moving about the system. There is no rumble, no vibrations from electrons pulsing...