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by NickJ at Dec 10, 2015
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And there we have it! The Combustion concept bike from Victory and Zach Ness. I think it is safe to assume the rough look of the new bike that will be coming out in the coming weeks or months from Victory.

This bike is as muscled as it gets! The tank and many of the body panels are very very similar to that of the Ignition Concept Bike that we saw a few weeks ago at EICMA.


Zach's bike features a really fancy Brembo caliper on the rear that I don't recall on the Ignition bike, but it might be a repurposed front caliper as well. The Combustion bike is running a single front brake on the front with wire wheels front and rear as well.


MagnaFlow stepped in to work with the Ness crew to produce a shotgun-esque exhaust that terminates just before the rear tire, and it looks GREAT! That rear head tube looks like it gets a little hot, but I will take it. That can probably be sorted out with some tuning.


The paint job was done by Eric Reyes, but the base coat looks to be the same sort of grey that was on the Ignition bike as well as the Scout. I think this is the stock grey that will be available in the showroom.


The frame features the same sort of ground-up design that we saw in the Scout in it's integration of the radiator as well as...
by NickJ at Dec 10, 2015
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Victory will be announcing the newest concept bike this weekend at the IMS NYC and I cannot wait to see what it looks like!

You may remember the last concept bike based on the new Victory engine. This one is by the world renowned, Zach Ness. We caught wind of something coming back at the Long Beach IMS stop, and have been chomping at the bit to see what Zach and Co have come up with.

Anyone going to be in NYC this weekend? Are you going to the IMS show?
by DrumsOfGrohl at Dec 9, 2015
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After unveiling a new 1200cc production V-twin engine at EICMA, Victory Motorcycles is proud to highlight its continuing commitment to owners of bikes powered by the Freedom 106 engine.

Replacing the engine covers of the Freedom 106 engine is a simple and effective way to change the look of your Victory over the winter.


The following covers are in the official Victory Motorcycles accessory catalogue and available through dealers.

These are the top-of the-range covers and come in either chrome or black.





This cover has both black and chrome elements.


Created especially for Victory by Arlen Ness, these three engine covers add a premium look to any model in the line-up. Owners can choose between chrome finned or black finned versions. The ‘Black Holeshot’ design is a black engine cover with multiple circles machined into it and is ideal for those owners who want to give their machine a unique and striking look.

Arlen Ness Chrome Finned


Arlen Ness Black Finned


Arlen Ness Black Holeshot



by WERA689 at Nov 23, 2015
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Victory has always been about supporting veterans, now veterans are acknowledging that by supporting Victory!


IAVA Honors Polaris Chairman & CEO Scott Wine for Ongoing Support of Newest Generation of Military Veterans

Receives 2015 IAVA Civilian Leadership Award at Gala in NYC

MEDINA, Minn. (Nov. 18, 2015) – Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) presented Polaris Chairman and CEO Scott Wine, a U.S. Navy veteran, with the 2015 IAVA Civilian Leadership Award in recognition of Victory Motorcycles’ contributions as a strategic partner to IAVA. Wine, a 1989 graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, received the award at the ninth annual IAVA Heroes Gala held Nov. 12 in New York City.

Victory Motorcycles, a division of Polaris, is in its second year as a strategic partner to IAVA, and has provided financial contributions and helped raise awareness for IAVA by providing the organization with exhibit space at major motorcycle events such as Daytona Bike Week, the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, and motorcycle shows from coast to coast.

IAVA honored Wine for Victory’s significant support, and for his role in the expansion of Polaris Defense, a division that provides products including deployable advanced ground off-road vehicles used worldwide by U.S. military personnel.

IAVA also honored U.S. Army veteran Daniel Rodriquez at the Heroes Gala, presenting him with the 2015 IAVA Veteran Leadership Award.

“IAVA is extremely excited to honor Scott Wine and Daniel Rodriguez for their incredible contributions to the veterans community,” said IAVA CEO and Founder Paul Rieckhoff. “Each fall we look forward to the Heroes Gala, where we celebrate our new greatest generation of veterans and those who have shown the utmost support for them. Scott Wine is a dynamic business leader who has also dedicated himself to working to...
by NickJ at Nov 18, 2015
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Milan Italy and Long Beach CA November 18, 2015: Victory Motorcycles today revealed the production version of the engine that powered Project 156 up Pikes Peak this summer, and will power an upcoming 1200cc class motorcycle.

The engine was designed to deliver the strongest power and performance in its class, and was shown off in a concept motorcycle built by European builder Urs Erbacher. Erbacher is well-known in the European custom motorcycle scene taking several top awards and gaining international attention.

Erbacher’s concept – dubbed the “Victory Ignition Concept” was custom built around the first preproduction engine off of the line in Osceola Wisconsin. The concept features an aggressive stance and frames the engine with a cast aluminum chassis, performance suspension and brakes with an aggressive Project 156-inspired paint scheme. “I’m proud not only of this build, but what it represents for the future of the Victory Motorcycles brand,” says the Swiss builder. “Getting full reigns to wrap the new engine in an interesting bike is a real highlight in my career, and from what I can see any production bike utilizing this powertrain will be a fantastic ride.”

“Project 156 is a purpose built racer that took our engine design to one of the most challenging races on the planet – it was a proving ground like no other that set the bar very high for our team,” says Victory Motorcycles General Manager Rod Krois. “This engine platform, which uses designs from other Polaris products having sold over 200,000 engines, will deliver on the promise of modern American muscle that is in the DNA of every current and future product we sell. Victory will continue to aggressively plot a new course for itself and where an American motorcycle brand can go.”

“Victory Motorcycle – from day one – has been a brand designed to deliver outstanding in-class performance,...