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Victory Motorcycles: Motorcycle Forums

by NickJ at Feb 9, 2016
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The tease continues as Urs, the designer/builder of the Ignition Concept, gives his thoughts on going both quicker and faster.

The Octane is on the way.
by NickJ at Feb 4, 2016
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Mike Song shares a few thoughts on how Octane will bring American motorcycling into the 21st Century.
by NickJ at Feb 1, 2016
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The lead-up to the Octane release is marching right along. We are just over two and a half weeks away from the Feb 19th release date and here is another video. This time Zach Ness, who was responsible for the Combustion Concept bike is talking about the sound of the engine. According to him it sounds like a "crate engine out of a damn race car."

The marketing seems to point to power, noise, and grit. Who is ready to see what Vic has coming?
by NickJ at Jan 27, 2016
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The name and reveal date of the new Victory Motorcycles model have been announced in this short video snippet.

Modern American Muscle: get ready for the next chapter from Victory Motorcycles.

We have all known that something has been coming from Victory for the last several months. Victory has released two concept bikes: Ignition Concept and the Combustion Concept. Both with similar lines and both featuring the same new motor.

The tire smoke indicates that we will see plenty of power coming from this new model, and the lines of that tank look like they have spent some hours in the clay shop. I cannot wait for February!
by NickJ at Jan 14, 2016
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