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Forsyth, IL

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Well-Known Member, from Forsyth, IL

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Viewing forum Victory General Discussion, Jan 24, 2017 at 6:17 PM
    1. pella cholla
      pella cholla
      Hey Oldman... Next time I am in the area I will let you know Gotta pas through Forsyth to get to mom and dad on Lake Pana
      Thanks OM! I follow quite a bit of your feedback and advice; your input on numerous topics is very informative and beneficial.

      I appreciate the thumbs up!! Have a great day (I wish I could here in CT, but it's raining - so she sits in the garage).

    3. john kulchyckyj
      john kulchyckyj
      hi old man. I have a 2008 victory vegas 8-ball. The bike has great power, but I want a little more. I called up my shop and ordered the timing wheel from Lloyds shop. Would you know if I will gain some hp and more torque?
      1. Oldman47
        Aug 7, 2015
    4. ljurgens
      Hi Oldman47, can I ask you what it cost to have the work done at the VicShop? I already have a timing wheel on my 13 Black Vision ;-) Looking to do the top filter, PCV and dyno as you did.
      1. john kulchyckyj
        john kulchyckyj
        with all those parts your looking around $700.00 give or take a few dollors
        Aug 7, 2015
    5. donoharm
      can you tell me how to update my profile on this site, I cannot figure out how to do it
    6. mostmuscular
      you said "Post the jpg file in your signature and it will look like the one that Revolver has in his signature area or the one I have next to a picture of my bike in mine." in my post about putting a "states ridden" map in my signature. I still can't figure out how to do it!
    7. arkie05tc
      hay oldman47 you ever ride west central ill.not sure where forsyth is.............arky
    8. TravisL
      Thanks for the heads up. His shop seems to have a great rep and I've got somethings I'd like to talk to him or others about. Can't go wrong with free food either!
    9. Hammerheads
    10. Vicky2011
      Check out you tube...MBW shows the new lights and all of the different modes.
      1. Oldman47
        Thanks Vicky. I have not gone back there since they first posted.
        Feb 25, 2014
    11. arkvic
      hey oldman I used to live in rogers ark. I was thinkin the same thing bout the pigtrail being more challenging than the dragon. I have seen people slow to a crawl to negotiate the pigtrail. it is a road to remember for many reasons. take care, and ride well, be well
    12. catwrench59
      Hi I live about 30 min. north of Peoria along the Il. river. This is a really nice area to ride in. If you ever come up this way look us up. I also have a daughter in Millikan. So I get down to your area often was there 2 weeks ago and was going to day ,but the snow changed that. Have you been to the dealer in Champaign he's about like Overturf egor to sell but deosn't really know what they have.
      1. Oldman47
        I bought my Vision in Champaign. The dealer there only has a few bikes, just like the one in Springfield, but they seemed more interested in dealing straight with me. That is a purely personal perspective but is how I saw it. Even the Champaign dealer was not too smart about the Vic but they were eager to please a customer, something I did not see in Springfield.
        Feb 2, 2014
      2. catwrench59
        Ya that was my comparison to them. They did seem to know alittle more than Overturf but not much as to accessories or what can be done performance wise etc. I have talked to a salesmen in Champaign that said he rides a Vision and seemed to know enough about it to be believable. There is a dealer in E Peoria that is permoting the brand and performance well. Integ Motorsports I'm glad to have a dealer close but his mechanics are old Harley hacks that I wouldn't let touch my bike. JMHO and as my Mom said medical professionals make the worst patients and same goes for mechanics. I'm hard to work for and know it.
        Feb 2, 2014
    13. Adam_ultra
      hey oldman im just researching on cruisers but I really liked the new indian vintage it just says come and take me
    14. UK_Paul
    15. Redterv
      Nice bike. Get out and get some miles on it.
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    Forsyth, IL
    Type of Motorcycle Currently Riding:
    2013 black Vision


    Central Illinois
    Timing wheel at +3, Lloydz air filter and adjustable intake, PC5, Vic Shop tune
    30,xxx miles
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