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Trouble replacing Vision headlight bulbs

I'm trying to replace my Vision's H4 bulbs with some Hella HB2 bulbs.

I expected this to be a simple job, but it has become complicated. Perhaps someone knows how to make it simple again.

- I removed the air filter as instructed in the owners manual

- I pulled back the moisture boots. I still cannot see the back of the bulb, so I'm working from feel.

- Here's where I run into problems...apparently I cannot figure out how to release the retaining clip. Without being able to see it, and with limited space, I hve tried every combination of pushing, pulling and rotating that I no avail.

Any hints?

Lastly, If I have inadvertantly damaged a clip, how difficult is it to remove the entire headlight assembly?
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The clip is held I place with 2 small Phillip head screws. No néad to remove the screws, just loosen 2 Or 3 rounds and the spring wire will come off. The hole for the bulb has a flat side, so only 1 way the bulb will go in. To remove the housing, you remove the mirrors, speakers, turn lenses, and loosen the trim under the headlights. Royal pain. I did this to install the HID headlights.
The headlight assemble is held on by 10mm bolts in rubber mounts, accessed from the back. All the removeing stuff is for access and/or attached to the assembly. Maybe a mirror to see the clipps. I think it would tough to reset the clipps by feel.
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It's not easy but it can be done. I only removed the cowl cover to replace the bulbs.

It helps if you can see what you are feeling. I installed an HID, this is my old headlight.

Remove the plug and pull the rubber cover off. Note the cover tab faces down.

The bulbs are held in with spring clips. Push the clip down and move it to the brake lever side of the bike to release it.

Lift the clip up and remove the bulb. Do not remove or loosen the screw that holds the clip.

Install the new bulb and re-hook the clip. Do not touch the glass on the bulb.
Install the rubber cover. Make sure that you can feel all three prongs on the bulb.
Note the center terminal on the bulb faces up. Install the plug.

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Don't touch the bulbs with your bare hands.
The oils in your hand will seriously degrade the bulb.
The easiest way to replace the bulbs is to pay your dealer to do it, that's what I did.
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Thanks for the pics. That will be helpful once I get the headlight out of the bike.

I don't have a service manual so this is going to go slow.
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It can be done without removing the headlight. If I had to remove the headlight to change the bulb the Vision would be gone!

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Its a bitch but taking it apart is the easy but longest. After you take the filter out adjust the headlight up as high as it will go that gives you more romm.
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Thanks for the pics, guys! I wish you guys lived close enough to come help. I'm terrified that I'm going to break some this very expensive plastic.

More pics of disassembly would be great.
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