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USB port kit for XC/XR bags

Guys, I posted this in the XR forum, but it's for you too. Check it out, it's a great product that I helped the manufacturer develop:
Looks good! May have to add that to the list. If the new bike doesn't hurry and get here, I'll have spent all my money on bits, haha.
can you play an MP3 player through it?

or is it for charging only?
No, this would be for charging only.
It looks to be just power, There's no capacity in the XC radio to read USB.

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well, when you can hook in a USB and run an MP3, i'll buy, but until then,I'll Charge stuff in the trunk.
Thats what I say a usb port so I can plug my flashdrive loaded up with tunes works well in my kia my xc shuold have one why only an over rated and over priced ipod . you can get a cable for a mp3 player it goes in the saddlebag cann't control form bar control,s have to pull over every time want to switch songs whats up with that.