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Video: How To Lift A Motorcycle

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LMAO....that was hilarious. A perfect ending to that video would have been if he accidentally tipped it over again as he was signing off.
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That was funny!
After my Cross Country rolled off the kickstand I found myself doing the same thing. The difference was that in my case the bike was almost 800lbs. and I swore a hell of lot more than he did.

Thanks for the video!
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Yeah, I semi-sorta-dropped my XC on this last 7000 mile trip. Actually I was in a very slow situation, walking the bike in a lot, and had the bars turned too much - then my weak knee couldn't hold it up.

The bike went over on the front/rear tip overs. No damage. Fully loaded, full fuel tank, camping gear, trunk, laptop, tools, probably a lead weight that I neglected to remove... Boy was that suckker HEAVY!.

I got it up tho', and was a little beat at then end of the process. To my surprise I did not use any "language" to help. I needed all my strength and concentration to get the bike up. I am thankful I have the "passenger handholds", because they are convenient to strap stuff to and also a solid place to grab in the rear for the lift process.
это - мои два рубля! держите мою пиво и наблюдайте это!
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Put the Vision down last weekend. Walked her right up. WAsn't as hard as I thought it would be.

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I let my XC tip over on some soft sand. It was down and on the crash bar before I knew what happened. It was easy to lift though. Surprisingly easy. I've had to lift a full HD dresser up by myself before and the XC, weighing about the same, was much easier. Clearly has a lower center of gravity. Thankfully.
Originally posted by: dsjr70

That was funny!

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