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Ness Flip Windshield WARNING

Just a word of warning for those of you looking to purchase the new Arlen Ness Flip windshield for the Cross Country. I have been dealing with Ness since March 28, 2011 when I installed my first of three windshields that develop cracks along the mounting holes. Out of the three windshields two developed cracks before the bike left my driveway. I sent them pictures how the holes don't match and all they could say is try another one. It’s now May 17 and I’m still waiting for my refund. My plan was to replace my 11" Cee Bailey's windshield but because the Ness windshield clearly has issues I purchased the new Cee Bailey’s Cee Dragon and it looks great and guess what? No cracks.
Thanks for the Heads Up.
If I see that the shield does not match up on the Vision, I will be making a call very quick.

I am surprised that Arlen Ness would have his name on something that is obviously defective like that.

Again, Thanks for the word!

Have others experienced the same issue? If it's only your bike, perhaps yours has an issue like holes drilled wrong on your bike perhaps? If the Cee Bailey has larger tolerances, that could explain why it fits whereas the Ness fails.
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Two things to consider: (1) You're putting in the mount screws too tight, or (2) the plastic for the new windshield is too thin.

When I was evaluating windshields, one of the ones I tried was the Victory "Flip" windshield. Immediately I noticed how thin the plastic was as compared to the OEM windshield and within a day or two of mounting it cracks developed around the screws. The mounting screws that came with the windshield have shoulders on them and there was no way to overtighten them to the point of cracking the plastic.

If the Ness windshield is of the same thickness as the OEM windshield, then I have to surmise you're putting in the mount screws too tight.
JohnC - Wichita, KS
2011 Cross Country
My holes were a little off to but I was still able to manipulate it to work. No problems as of yet and I hit 100mph on a test run last weekend. I'll keep you posted if I do though.-Chris
Last update on May 18 2011, 9:30 am by cball508.
Originally posted by: Vision_Quest

I am surprised that Arlen Ness would have his name on something that is obviously defective like that.

Ha, and the flip is the first part from them I havent had problems
I thought it could have been me and paid my local mechanic to install the third one I received and it cracked. I have removed my windshield several times without damaging or cracking the original or aftermarket Cee Baileys windshield currently on the bike. I tighten the screws only until they prevent the windshield from moving in and out but not to squeeze it in place.
I‘m still very much interested in the windshield but after three times with the same results I had to ask for a full refund. If this link works you can see how off the holes are. The last six or so pictures are of the stock and Cee Bailey windshield that show how their windshield line up.
Last update on May 18 2011, 3:03 pm by Andy.
Copy this link into your browser to see the pictures.
I have ther FLIP on now for a couple weeks and havent noticed any problesm other then it could be a goo inch taller to work for most people.!
the holes did nto line up either as well as they should but....neither did the CEE BAILEYS I have.
Mine cracked this week.I hadn't ridden in a week and went to the garage to get on the beast and first thing I noticed was a shiny new crack starting at a bolthole.about 7,000 miles and 5 months on the bike.Been working a lot and haven't been riding enough.
Dealer installed mine when I bought the bike so they should know how to torque 'em down correctly but unfortunately my service guy at dealer that I purchased bike isn't as honest as he should be.I dread calling them to get my refund.
I did notice that the flrp is about half as thick as the b lade windshield that came with the bike.Didn't know they were Ness