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Having a heck of a time finding someone that sells em in Canada here. Wanted to put it on the Santa wish list

ANyone know?
OK what are you other Canucks using for air horns?
Plug n play harness too?


How about one of these and just duct tape it to your bars laugh
I don't ride enough. Only 167,000km since April 7, 2010 on my '10 XR

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Hi salty there is one at princess auto called ( wowol ) or something like that it looking just the stable air horn , I know not all the Princess autos are the same . the one I am thinging of is not in the Catalogue ???
SO let the Fun Start
Hi here is a part # sku 8335812 it looks like $30.00 ( wolo ) bad boy and that at Princess auto
SO let the Fun Start
Thanks guys, There ia a Princess Auto about 1 1/2 hours south of me in Lloydminister Alberta

I will check it out, Hopeing to get a plug play harenss alos

Other then that the sports can air horn may work! LOL

We are done here now, snow hit a bit yesterday and we're at -10c now
Bring on the woolies!
I just received my latest copy of Motorcycle Mojo Magazine and on page 74 there is a review of the Stebel Nautilus. There is a foot note at the bottom of the article that recommends you visit for more information. You may find what you want there, hope this helps.